14 Free Construction Proposal Templates

Allow me to share with you a collection of Free Construction Proposal Templates to help you write your own. All parties involved in the project of construction can protect their interests with a well-written construction proposal. The need of a properly drafted construction proposal gets immense if hefty amount of funds are involved. The construction… Read More »

21 Free Research Proposal Templates

Here is collection of 21 Free Research Proposal Templates to help our visitors in preparing their own Research Proposal. Students often misunderstood the core purpose and the importance of a research proposal. The problem starts from here as the initial step is not taken in the right direction. So a proper understanding of its meaning, its… Read More »

10 Free Sponsorship Proposal Templates

Here is our collection of 10 Free Sponsorship Proposal Templates to assist you quickly. A winning Sponsorship Proposal is always critical to earn right sponsor for your product or to get support in your education. A good sponsorship proposal is important for your future, because it is a perfect tool to explain your needs and importance… Read More »

21 Free Consultant Agreement Templates & Samples

These Consultant Agreement Templates can help anyone to prepare consultant agreement between clients and service provider/consultant. A consultant should arrange or prepare a contract with his/her client before he/she start working for client. Consultant agreement or contract is made to resolve lots of things that may create various problems. A perfectly made consultant agreement should… Read More »

20 Free Consumer Loan Agreement Templates

Here is a collection of free Consumer Loan Agreement Templates to help our visitors in preparing their own agreement. When a bank or a financing company issues loan to an individual for personal purposes i.e. shopping most of the time, they call it a consumer loan. This loan can be secured or unsecured but most… Read More »

16 Free Daily Task Planner Templates

Daily Task Planner Templates are quite useful in managing your day to day tasks. If you always struggle with your time. Even if you stay busy all day, you can’t finish your tasks either at home or at work. It’s time to plan your entire day with the Daily Task Planner Template. This is a… Read More »

17 Free Promissory Note Templates

Here is our collection of free sample Promissory Note Templates that you can use to record a loan transaction officially or unofficially. For official documents, please consult to your attorney as well. These word templates are useful when parties involving in a loan transaction don’t know how to document it for later use or reference. A… Read More »

12 Free Tri Fold Brochure Templates

Use these Free Tri Fold Brochure Templates to create your own professional looking brochures. Marketing is not possible through a single medium therefore we have to use a lot of ways to market out our products. Internet marketing can also be effective in this sense if you use it in conjunction with other helpful tools.… Read More »

6 Free Lined Paper Templates (MS Word Documents)

Lined paper is simple paper having fine vertical and/or horizontal lines on it. You can also call such paper as ruled paper. Here we are sharing several Lined Paper Templates for multiple purposes. Mostly, these templates are used in schools, offices, and for engineering paper work. Engineers uses them in drafting sketches and diagrams as… Read More »

3 Free Printable Graph Paper Templates

Graphing paper is a writing paper having fine lines on it. It is also called graph and millimeter paper. Download these free Graph Paper Templates ready to print from any Desktop PC. Graph paper is mostly used in engineering organizations and laboratory work to plot different mathematical measurements and drawing diagrams. Now a days, computer… Read More »

5 Free Printable Salary Slip Templates

Here is our collection of Free Salary Slip Templates to help you create your own slip. People are employed every day in both public (government) and private sector. There are millions and billions of jobs from banking, labor, writers, teachers and what not. The employees of all the earlier stated and not stated fields are… Read More »

4 Printable Free Job Application Form & Templates

In a usual process of hiring a professional or group of professionals for an advertised job vacancy. It is usually required by applicants to submit their qualification information. Although a Resume serves the purpose for candidates to showcase their skills and qualification yet it doesn’t necessarily meet every employer’s demands. Hence it is a good… Read More »

13 Free Printable Non-Disclosure Agreement Templates & Samples

Hello Friends!  Here comes my collection of 13 Free Printable Non-Disclosure Agreement Templates. I like these Non-Disclosure Agreement Templates because it is simple one page agreement but includes everything that any professional non-disclosure agreement must have. Please don’t forget to change contact and other details on this template before using it for your serious purpose.… Read More »