Partnership Contract Template

Here is a free Partnership Contract Template that can be used to create professional partnership contracts while launching a join venture in any field of life. This sample contract contains all the standard terms & conditions that one can think about an on going Partnership in business. However it is strongly recommended to read them all… Read More »

Audit Report Template

An Audit Report is a document that is prepared by a qualified public accountant for a company or firm. It can be a small, medium, or large sized company. The Audit Report is also sometimes known as an auditor’s report. That is because it is prepared and verified by an auditor. The report showcases the… Read More »

Writing Paper Template

Paper is produced from the wood; to be more specific from the cellulose pulp, which comes from tree wood and grass etc. Usually this material is made moist and during a paste form, it is added with other materials, which help in stabilizing the shape of paper and is pressed and results in what we… Read More »

Rental Agreement Template

This is my first attempt to design a Rental Agreement. Renting a place or hiring a place is an agreement of allowing someone to use your buildings or lands in a specified time for a specified rate. Renting out your property may cause a number of legal issues. If you have plans to rent out… Read More »

High School Certificate Template

Here is a good looking High School Certificate Template created using Microsoft Word to help school management in creating their own High School Certificates quickly and without spending too much time on its design. Education is the key to development of nations and is a well-practiced fact all over the world, over centuries. The nations more educated,… Read More »

Organogram Template

You may have heard about Organogram, if not you will definitely have understanding about organizational structure.  Every organization has formal and informal organizational structures. These are hierarchical structure, line-staff structure, functional or departmental structure and matrix structure as well. Organizations prepare organogram to present formal structure. Organogram is also known as organizational charts, Organogram, Organogram,… Read More »

Restaurant Menu Card Template

History indicates that first menu appeared after the mid of the eighteenth century. And it is not only the list of dishes according to their prices but reflects a restaurant’s mode and impression. A menu should not be written rapidly, as it comes into mind but think carefully and appropriately before putting the names of… Read More »

Job Application Form Template

In a usual process of hiring a professional or group of professionals for an advertised job vacancy, it is usually required by applicants to submit their qualification information. Although a Resume serves the purpose for candidates to showcase their skills and qualification yet it doesn’t necessarily meet every employer’s demands. Hence it is a good… Read More »

Website Design Contract Template

Here is a comprehensive Website Design Contract Template that can help any IT Service Provider to prepare a professional website design contract while delivering services. A Website Design Project requires carefully planning and accurate scope of project to delivery expected results in a timely fashion. It is very common reason of a failure of project if… Read More »

Wanted Poster Template

Sometimes it happens that you want something but not have any idea where to find it so you ask your surrounding people for help by distributing a document that contains all the information about that person or thing. This document is called a wanted poster or flyer. This could be a small sized pamphlet or… Read More »

Dinner Menu Template

Designing a dinner menu is the big challenge for restaurateurs, who work day and night to make it successful.  By successful, we can mean that the menu should be appropriate in a way that it could enhance the customer experience of dinning in your organization. Nowadays, menu designing has become more of a science because… Read More »

Salary Certificate Template

Salary Certificate is a very clear, transparent, and detailed document that makes the basis for employee taxation. It holds the complete evidence about the employee name, designation under an organization, experience, work tenure, promotions, salary details, deductions, etc. the HR department of the organization is liable to prepare and issue this document if the employee… Read More »

Who’s Who Flyer Template

Who’s who flyer is used to introduce a person to the public. It is essential tool to show the relationship between that particular person with a family, or an organization. Simply it lets you know who’s who in your family or the organization in a very comprehensive and polite manner. Its definitely a perfect way… Read More »