Weekly Schedule Template – 15 Free Printable Templates

Before we go in detailed discussion of weekly schedule, we need to understand what it is actually. Weekly schedule means doing and accomplishing things, tasks and activities during a week. Weekly tasks and and activities can be related to anything including your study, job, diet planning, personal activities, travel, business activities, social events, gatherings and… Read More »

Grocery List Template – 5 Free Printable Templates

Organizing makes almost half the problems resolved even before they arise. Let it be household, small business or any other section of life, organizing things gives a lot of relief in return to small pain taken in time. Organization is indeed a key aspect to success in life of every human and makes things much… Read More »

Rental Agreement Template – 7 Free Printable Samples

Renting a place or hiring a place is an agreement of allowing someone to use your buildings or lands in a specified time for a specified rate. Renting out your property may cause a number of legal issues. If you have plans to rent out your land, having the whole lot in black and white… Read More »

Organogram Template – 11 Free Printable Templates

You may have heard about Organogram, if not you will definitely have understanding about organizational structure.  Every organization has formal and informal organizational structures. These are hierarchical structure, line-staff structure, functional or departmental structure and matrix structure as well. Organizations prepare organogram to present formal structure. Organogram is also known as organizational charts, Organogram, Organogram,… Read More »

Obituary Notice Template – 7 Free Format & Samples

Obituary can be defined as a particular type of news in local newspapers and magazines that let the readers know about the death of a famous or important person. Along with the news, it also includes a short life story of that person and informs the readers about his achievements in life. Brief Description of… Read More »

Achievement Certificate Template – 6 Free Printable Templates

People are working every day in their respective fields of life, giving their best and trying to accomplish huge goals through hard work and efforts. A research revealed that workers or people who were appreciated from time to time on their efforts proved to be more fruitful and hardworking in the coming times. No doubt… Read More »

Menu Planner Template – 8 Free Printable Templates

It is very difficult for a mother or wife to decide menu for lunch and dinner every day because it takes too much time in thinking and deciding. Every day mother or wife asks other family members what’s for lunch? And what’s for dinner? And usually get different answers. Another big issue with preparing and… Read More »

Trip Permission Slip Template – 9 Free Printable Templates

Here is a professionally designed Trip Permission Slip Template that can help school management to quickly design their own permission slip to be signed by the parents for a proposed field trip. Organizing field trips is very important to help students build up their skills inline with practical knowledge and real life experience. However it is… Read More »

Cash Slip Template – 4 Free Printable Templates

Here is a good looking Cash Slip Template that can be used to create professional looking Cash Request or Receipt Slips for any professional organization. Every business deals with cash payments or receipt on day to day basis. To record such transactions, it is vital to have some paper work specially that requires cash payment or… Read More »

Press Release Template – 15 Free Samples (MS Word Docs)

Here is a professional Press Release Template that can help anyone in creating official press release quickly and effectively. It is the right of every consumer to receive up to date information regarding the products or brands he purchased or interested to purchase in near future. To fulfill this requirement, every business practice press release to… Read More »

Admission Ticket Template – 4 Free Printable Templates

Here is a professionally designed Admission Ticket Template that can help anyone in creating a professional admission ticket for any kind of event. Organizing events is definitely a big task and requires careful attention and planning for each and every step however the most neglected task is designing a professional looking admission ticket design. Hence, I… Read More »

Partnership Agreement Template – 15 Free Samples

Here is a Partnership Agreement Template that can be used to compile and formalize a partnership based business venture. In this agreement, we  have assumed two partners: investor and the technical developer. A partnership is an understanding where parties concur to work together to advance their joint interests. Partnerships are effortlessly formed and straightforward to maintain if set… Read More »

Sponsorship Proposal Template – 10 Free Samples

A winning Sponsorship Proposal is always required to get right sponsor to launch your product or to get support in your education. A good sponsorship proposal is important for your future, because it is a perfect tool to explain your needs and importance of sponsorship for your future. You always need to write a compelling… Read More »