Beach Party Invitation Template

By | May 9, 2017

Beach parties are a worldwide summer favorite for people of all ages. For children in particular, beach parties are a great place to have fun outdoors with their friends and relatives. They can go swimming, play volleyball and beach soccer on the shore, build sandcastles, hold treasure hunts, and have a great time. As is the custom with parties for kids, there is a lot of emphasis on party invitations, which are generally doled out a week before the due date. There are a lot of ways in which an innovative and decorative invitation can be made for a beach party.

One option in designing a beach party invitation is to go for a simple paper card. Typically, this could be cut in various shapes and sizes to depict the activities that are associated with beach parties. For example, a card could be cut up in the shape of a beach ball, complete with alternate colours and a little paper nozzle on top. A card cut up in the shape of a sand shovel or a palm tree is also an appropriate design and can be considered. The name and venue can be written inside the card among other colourful decorations and illustrations. It is useful to have a ‘To’ and ‘From’ field, along with the address where the party is going to be held. Also, if there is a theme to be followed at the party, that can be included as one of the fields as well. The title on the card should be creative and related to the beach theme. This will fit in well with the whole picture that the invitation card is projecting.

Here is preview of this Beach Party Invitation Template,

Beach Party Invitation

There are also several interesting alternatives to the traditional party invitation card. Since this is a beach party invitation, beach balls can be bought for each guest. While still not inflated, the host’s name, venue of the party, and theme (if any) can be written down on one side of the beach ball. When the guest receives this beach ball, he or she can inflate it to make visible the party invitation. Another fun way of designing beach party invitations is to fill plastic water bottles with sand, shells and other materials related to the beach (small decorations like miniature fish, beach balls and sand castles can be a good idea) and then put paper slips inside the bottle, which contain the name of the receiver and the sender, the venue of the party, and other details about the event. One can also attach these invitation slips to home-made cardboard items like pairs of sunglasses, sea horses or little plastic shovels.

Using these ideas will not only make the invitations more interesting and attractive, they will also add a very personal touch to the whole process. More importantly, the child will also be involved in the creative process, which is great for learning and growth. The fun and joy that comes with beach parties will be reflected in the innovative design of these beach party invitations.

Here is download link,

Download Beach Party Invitation

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