Bottle Label Template

By | May 11, 2017

Here is a good quality and attractive Bottle Label Template that can be used to print and display on bottle based products. This is a dark background label perfectly suitable for juices and non-alcoholic drinks packed in big long bottles. Once downloaded to your PC, it is very easy to edit this label and make it suitable for any kind of product you are going to use this label for. It is very important to keep very good care of size as it can vary as per your product’s bottle specification. Double check and if possible print a test copy on a simple paper to see if it fits perfect to your bottle size.

Labels are used to tag on products for their right identification. Obviously a product having its label can be identified in an easy way. Labels are necessarily tagged on products after manufacturing them. Bottle labels serve in the same purpose. What sort of information a bottle label includes? Name and title of bottle product, weight, important ingredients to be used in the manufacturing of bottle product, model no, company name or some other information if necessary to deliver. It is not necessary that all this information is given on each bottle product but there may be very little things to be included in a bottle label like just brand name and weight etc.

Here is preview of this Bottle Label Template created using MS Word,

Bottle Label Template

Sometimes bottle labels are created in the way that they are not very prominent on the bottle and some needs to be very prominent. It may be the requirement of brand and company that is manufacturing that particular product. Some examples of bottles include cold drink bottles, juice bottles, milk, wine, cream and such other sorts of liquid products. Whatever the quantity and type of information on bottle label, it must look very creative, suitable to bottle product and professional as well. Here we will discuss the things that are necessary to consider while designing a bottle label in more professional way.

  • First of all color scheme and theme of the bottle label is very important and it must be accomplished according to brand requirements. If product brand requires making label more prominent on the bottle, it should be created in vibrant colors that look prominent with color of bottle. Light and dim color scheme should be used in the way if label is not required very prominent on the bottle. For example, wine bottle labels are not very prominent and vibrant in their colors.
  • Putting pictures on labels is also required by the brand and it should be accomplished in the best way. A picture on label must look very suitable. Usually too small size pictures are used to put on labels. In case of putting large size picture on the label, all information of the label must be put on picture and picture should be used as background theme of the label.
  • Size of the label is also very important to consider. It must be suitable to have a professional look. It also depends on the size and type of bottle. Only proper sized label can give a professional look to the product.
  • As concerned the text and words written on a label, they should be very creative and prominent. Words are more important regardless of other design elements of a label. Often combination of small and large size of text is used to put on labels. It should consider that what we are going to convey with help of label.

All these are important tips and hints that can help you make a good looking and professional like bottle label. You must be very creative in putting each design element in the creation of bottle label.

Here is download link for this Bottle Label Template,

Download Bottle Label Template

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