Funding Proposal Template

Like any other kind of proposal, planning is crucial for successful venture of project proposal too. But the importance of planning for funding proposal goes beyond any other kind of proposal. Hence here I am sharing with you this Funding Proposal Template to help you.

The donor for whom this proposal is being written is worth knowing about, because the relationship between the proposer and donor depends entirely on this. If donor comes to know that the proposal isn’t carefully written then the relationship might not be long lasting. Donor might donate the funds for one time but a sustaining such relationship can be difficult. So proper research and planning takes a paramount importance in this case.

Determining the strengths and weaknesses of your business is also an essential part of planning process. Planning can take quite a lot of time but at the end this will be worth it. Moreover the funding proposal should be persuasive as well as technically correct and sound. Otherwise irresponsible image will be portrayed to the donor.

Funding Proposal Guidelines

Once the planning process has been completed i.e the donor has been chosen and has known about him in detail, next step is writing everything down in an appealing manner. Funding proposal is like a sales proposal where you are selling your project in return of funds. And whenever something is sold, the seller has good idea about the requirements of buyer. He knows what buyer wants, what’s his agenda, his mission and demands. Knowing what buyer wants channelizes the efforts of seller.

He then focuses in his proposal what buyer demands from him and puts great emphasis on that. Seller or the writer should contextualize the project in such a way that donor can relate with it. he donor should find the proposal necessary for his business. This falls under the subheading of introduction where seller is trying to relate the skills of his company with the demands of the donor. After introduction, objective should be clearly set in the proposal. What you want? How you want (means)? And who will be the beneficiaries? Answer to these questions should be given in this section of the proposal. Moreover there are two kinds of objectives: one is general and other is specific. Both types of objectives should be made a part of proposal.

Free Funding Proposal Template

Here is preview of a FreeĀ Funding Proposal Template created using MS Word,

Funding Proposal Template

Once the objectives have been defined in the proposal, the process through which you are going to achieve them is also worth mentioning. Now the reason why everything should be done is that more one goes through the details of the donor and his own company, its objectives and what donor wants, more the proposal will be appealing and impressive. But it should not lose its coherence along its way. This document is the reason why donor will either choose you or reject you. But besides that, one more thing should be kept in mind, once the successfully written proposal is accepted by the donor then it will act as the basic framework of relationship between donor and writer. So the overall success or failure of the project depends on this document.

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