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21 Free Consultant Agreement Templates & Samples

These Consultant Agreement Templates can help anyone to prepare consultant agreement between clients and service provider/consultant. A consultant should arrange or prepare a contract with his/her client before he/she start working for client. Consultant agreement or contract is made to resolve lots of things that may create various problems. A perfectly made consultant agreement should… Read More »

Arbitration Agreement Template

Arbitration or mediation is a process in which two parties try to resolve a dispute out of the court. Usually when arbitration is done, an arbitrator, mediator or a middle man is involved in the process that listens to the comments from each party and then decides what he thinks the best way to resolve… Read More »

Outsourcing Agreement Template – Administrative and Technology Services

If we describe outsourcing in simple words, it’s the process of hiring staff for your company from a distance in which you don’t need to have any office but your employees will work from remote areas from all over the world over the internet. Due to many reasons, outsourcing is getting more and more common… Read More »

Lease Agreement Template

After preparing Rental Agreement Template and receiving feedback from valued visitors, I have now attempted to create a Lease Agreement Template. I have tried to make it as better as I can (both from look and contents wise). I have used highlighted color scheme for the headings to make it look distinctive and prominent specially… Read More »