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20 Free Consumer Loan Agreement Templates

Here is a collection of free Consumer Loan Agreement Templates to help our visitors in preparing their own agreement. When a bank or a financing company issues loan to an individual for personal purposes i.e. shopping most of the time, they call it a consumer loan. This loan can be secured or unsecured but most… Read More »

Security Agreement Template

When a lender and borrower enter in a deal that involves money/loan, interest and repayment of the loan, there are always some chances and possibilities that one of them might not stick to the rules and conditions as provided and agreed by both of them. In order to secure the rights and protect their assets,… Read More »

Work Change Agreement Template

When a company or an individual hires a contractor, they sign a legal document in order to secure the rights of themselves and with this agreement, the contractor has to provide the services that he agreed to and the owner or company has to pay the contractor in exchange of the services. In some situations,… Read More »

Drug Testing Consent Agreement Template

In order to maintain a good environment on the workplace and bound the employees to follow work ethics, employers take casual drug tests from all the staff members. Usually the drug test depends on each company and its policies but there are some states in America that bound each employer to take random drug tests… Read More »

Subcontract Agreement Template

A subcontract agreement is a legal contract between two parties in which one is the prime contractor and the other is the subcontractor. This agreement includes the expectation from the subcontractor about the services he will deliver along with the mutually agreed rates and payments for the subcontractor in return for his work. Brief Description… Read More »