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4 Printable Free Job Application Form & Templates

In a usual process of hiring a professional or group of professionals for an advertised job vacancy. It is usually required by applicants to submit their qualification information. Although a Resume serves the purpose for candidates to showcase their skills and qualification yet it doesn’t necessarily meet every employer’s demands. Hence it is a good… Read More »

Job Description Templates – 4 Free Templates

Several people asked me about this Job Description Template. Hundreds of people daily apply for different kinds of jobs as per their caliber. They are seeking jobs to best utilize their skills and to have professional experience. Some of these are trying to get jobs just for time passing while some are motivated to work… Read More »

Daily Attendance Report Template

Once I have created this simple yet complete format of Daily Attendance Report for my staff to report me the daily attendance of all employees. This served my purpose very well. It is divided into two sections, at the top you can see summary view where you can see number of employees, absence, on leave… Read More »