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Non-Disclosure Agreement Template – 13 Free Printable Samples

Hello Friends!  Here comes another Agreement Document :-). I like this Non-Disclosure Agreement because it is simple one page agreement but includes everything that any professional non-disclosure agreement must have. Please don’t forget to change contact and other details on this template before using it for your serious purpose. Moreover, feel free to read and edit… Read More »

Sample Privacy Policy Template

Formulating an effective policy is extremely important whether you are running any type of business including home based, a large size organization, government agency and any NGO. Policies are made to achieve desired outcomes and they vary in rules and laws according to the size and volume of organization. In fact targets and outcomes vary… Read More »

Strategic Partnership Agreement Template

Strategic partnership agreement is made between two or more people to own ability of making important decisions about business entity. This type of agreement is also named joint venture and partnership alliance. This serves the each partner for same purpose and is very important to have when you are going to run large business organization.… Read More »

Rental Agreement Template – 7 Free Printable Samples

Renting a place or hiring a place is an agreement of allowing someone to use your buildings or lands in a specified time for a specified rate. Renting out your property may cause a number of legal issues. If you have plans to rent out your land, having the whole lot in black and white… Read More »

Partnership Agreement Template – 15 Free Samples

Here is a Partnership Agreement Template that can be used to compile and formalize a partnership based business venture. In this agreement, we  have assumed two partners: investor and the technical developer. A partnership is an understanding where parties concur to work together to advance their joint interests. Partnerships are effortlessly formed and straightforward to maintain if set… Read More »

Computer Software Rights Agreement Template

When a software program is developed by a computer company, it is legally their intellectual property until they transfer the ownership and complete rights to the client or the customer who asked for creating of the software program. In order to complete the ownership and transfer, the development company and the client sign an agreement… Read More »

Security Agreement Template

When a lender and borrower enter in a deal that involves money/loan, interest and repayment of the loan, there are always some chances and possibilities that one of them might not stick to the rules and conditions as provided and agreed by both of them. In order to secure the rights and protect their assets,… Read More »

Technology Assignment Agreement Template

When a client or a company approaches to a technology developer or IT services provider and hire it to develop a new technology i.e. software program for the company, until the technology is completed and hand over to the client, the legal rights and ownership of the technology remains with the developer company. When the… Read More »

Website Art License Agreement Template

When a company or a website owner wants to display some art from an artist on the website, they have to ask for the permission from the primary owner and buy the license to use the art on the website. It depends on each type of deal and type of art that either the artist… Read More »

Work Change Agreement Template

When a company or an individual hires a contractor, they sign a legal document in order to secure the rights of themselves and with this agreement, the contractor has to provide the services that he agreed to and the owner or company has to pay the contractor in exchange of the services. In some situations,… Read More »

Technical Employment Agreement Template

A Technical Employment Agreement is a legal document and it is also known as the employment contract. At the time of hiring new technical employees in the company, this agreement is signed by the employer and all new employees in order to establish some ground rules for the career of employees in the company and… Read More »

Drug Testing Consent Agreement Template

In order to maintain a good environment on the workplace and bound the employees to follow work ethics, employers take casual drug tests from all the staff members. Usually the drug test depends on each company and its policies but there are some states in America that bound each employer to take random drug tests… Read More »

Subcontract Agreement Template

A subcontract agreement is a legal contract between two parties in which one is the prime contractor and the other is the subcontractor. This agreement includes the expectation from the subcontractor about the services he will deliver along with the mutually agreed rates and payments for the subcontractor in return for his work. Brief Description… Read More »