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17 Free Promissory Note Templates

Here is our collection of free sample Promissory Note Templates that you can use to record a loan transaction officially or unofficially. For official documents, please consult to your attorney as well. These word templates are useful when parties involving in a loan transaction don’t know how to document it for later use or reference. A… Read More »

Sales Contract Template

Sales contract is a legal document between seller and buyer which defines terms and conditions for both parties. Sales contract deals with sale of different products as property, power, technology, software, business and any other manufactured goods or under process product etc.  It takes account of rights of both parties along with specified terms for… Read More »

Partnership Contract Template

Here is a free Partnership Contract Template that can be used to create professional partnership contracts while launching a join venture in any field of life. This sample contract contains all the standard terms & conditions that one can think about an on going Partnership in business. However it is strongly recommended to read them all… Read More »

Website Design Contract Template

Here is a comprehensive Website Design Contract Template that can help any IT Service Provider to prepare a professional website design contract while delivering services. A Website Design Project requires carefully planning and accurate scope of project to delivery expected results in a timely fashion. It is very common reason of a failure of project if… Read More »

Employment Contract Template

Here is an Employment Contract Template that can facilitate the process of hiring an employee on a specific designation for a company. I have tried to include all possible terms and conditions that an employer and employee might be concerned about. Moreover, I have put them in sections so that it should be easier for anyone… Read More »

General Purpose Contract Template

A contract or an agreement is a written document which is signed by at least two people or parties. This is a professional and legal way to make sure that when two companies involve in some kind of business, they don’t need to trust on each other’s words and as they sign the contract, they… Read More »

Consultant Services Contract Template

A consultant is like an outside helper or advisor to a company or a client. Business owners hire consultants to evaluate their business plans, policies and strategies and after the consultant analyzes their business and its operations, he advises the business owner or his employer to either change or implement a new strategy in order… Read More »

Purchase Contract Template

Here is preview of a free Purchase Contract Template that can help any purchase manager to quickly create a comprehensive and professional purchase contract. During a purchase transaction, it is critical to discuss and finalize all the terms related to that purchase transaction and then put them all in a black & white contract. Such contracts… Read More »

Tenancy Contract Template

Tenancy agreement or contract is written between you and owner of land that you want to take on rent. Accomplishing this document is very important aspect of real estate activities done by landlords, real estate professionals and tenants. Tenancy contract may be written or oral depends on you and your requirements. Tenancy agreement is written… Read More »

Property Contract Template

Here is a good quality Property Contract Template that can help anyone to come up with a comprehensive property leasing contact or agreement. Now a days property business is at its peak in many countries and investors prefer to invest their money in real estate rather than any other sector hence there comes a need for… Read More »