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Log Sheet Template

Here is a Project Log Sheet Template that can help any team to effectively manage project issues and correspondence with client. However it is really important to understand as how this Log Sheet works. If you are an owner of a business or company where many you have employed many workers, it’s not an unusual thing for you… Read More »

Fuel Consumption Log Template

If you are running either a manufacturing company or just a corporate firm, sometimes it will happen that you end up with wrong kind of staff or lazy workers. The ratio of incorrect staff found in the manufacturing industry is greater but it can be found anywhere in any kind of industry. If you are… Read More »

Parents Communication Log Template

When parents send their child to a school or college, they kind of transfer the responsibility of child’s growth and enhancement to the teachers or the care takers at the school but the thing they don’t usually get is that the kid is still spending a whole lot of time at home with them. This… Read More »

Document Control Log Template

Organizations and businesses as well as many individuals that deal with hundreds of documents on regular basis and they need to create a proper system to file, secure, retrieve and share those documents. Document management or control system is a process which stores and recovers the documents and information enlisted in them. This process is… Read More »

Student Learning Log Template

A student learning log is a documented proof of a student’s learning and development process. Many educational institutes like schools, colleges and research firms use this kind of logs for their students to access their capabilities and the affects of a particular educational system on a particular student. Although it’s not an essential element of… Read More »

Book Reading Log Template

A typical student in his educational period reads lots of books both study related and non-related. Usually when someone starts a book, he first finishes it and then go on to another one but some of them also read more than one book at one time. It’s hard and complicated to remember where we left… Read More »