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Menu Planner Template – 8 Free Printable Templates

It is very difficult for a mother or wife to decide menu for lunch and dinner every day because it takes too much time in thinking and deciding. Every day mother or wife asks other family members what’s for lunch? And what’s for dinner? And usually get different answers. Another big issue with preparing and… Read More »

Restaurant Menu Card Template

History indicates that first menu appeared after the mid of the eighteenth century. And it is not only the list of dishes according to their prices but reflects a restaurant’s mode and impression. A menu should not be written rapidly, as it comes into mind but think carefully and appropriately before putting the names of… Read More »

Dinner Menu Template

Designing a dinner menu is the big challenge for restaurateurs, who work day and night to make it successful.  By successful, we can mean that the menu should be appropriate in a way that it could enhance the customer experience of dinning in your organization. Nowadays, menu designing has become more of a science because… Read More »

Weekly Menu Template for Home

Menu contains a range of items open to a customer to choose from. There are several types of menus like dinner menu, bar menu and weekly menu etc. As the name of the menu suggests it is a menu containing items that will be served throughout a week. Weekly menus are altered every week unlike… Read More »

Wedding Program Menu Template

With the growing world, our weddings have become extremely lavish. It is very exciting to attend a wedding for both the guests and the hosts. Guests dress very elegantly, women wear bright, fancy dresses and mean wear graceful, expensive outfits too. It is an amazing time to meet people we haven’t seen from quite a… Read More »

Weekly School Menu Template

School menus are quite different from the rest of the types of menus. They have different outlook, layout, design, different users and different purpose. Unlike other types of menus, school menus have to be followed by the kids no matter what their preferences and favorite foods are. They might turn up their nose while eating… Read More »

Food Restaurant Menu Template

What is the reason behind the increasing trend of restaurants? Why do we prefer to eat in a restaurant instead of our home many a times? The reasons are very plain and clear. This happens because we need a break! We need a break from our routine. We need to divert our minds from something… Read More »

Food Price Menu Template

Price menu as the name of this type suggests that prices of the food items are highlighted on the menu corresponding to food items. Although majority of the menus of different types contain prices of the dishes offered but this menu is unique in the respect that prices are highlighted whereas in other types dishes… Read More »

Monthly Menu Template

Monthly menus like other menus can be devised for various arrangements like for an office, home, restaurant or any food chain. It contains detailed overview of dishes that are to be prepared throughout the month. So it can be revised every month or can remain the same.. Combination of daily and weekly menus results in… Read More »

Thanksgiving Party Menu Template

As the name of the title suggests, thanksgiving is a day for giving thanks to God for everything. Thanksgiving is a day celebrated by Americans by arranging family get together to enjoy a fine meal. The whole menu of Thanksgiving Day usually revolves around turkey. Stuffed turkey, roasted, grilled and vegetable turkey is some of… Read More »

Pizza Menu Template

Pizza is an Italian dish which is made of flour and yeast with topping of pizza sauce, cheese, vegetables and meat is optional. Cheese is the most essential and important ingredient of this dish because it is due to the yummy look and taste of cheese that urges people to take its bite. Although pizza… Read More »

Kids Meal Menu Template

Menu specifically designed for children is kids menu. Although it may sound unfamiliar to many old people but it is also true that kids menu exist! Food chains and restaurants are taking into consideration the choices and preferences of kids as well. Because kids can drive their parents to do anything they want them to… Read More »

Italian Food Menu Template

Italian menu contains Italian dishes like pizza, pasta and lasagna. Many Italian dishes are now consumed though out the world that they have become the international dishes. One of the most glaring examples is pizza. Pizza is liked by every other person. No matter where he/she lives and what his/her background is. People are aware… Read More »