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Purchase Receipt Template

Whenever you run your own business either small scale or large scale, you have to manage with great deal of record keeping and paperwork. When a customer purchases a product or service from your business, it is essential to write this transaction in purchase receipt followed by purchase registers. Receipt should include the details of… Read More »

Car Delivery Receipt Template

Car is an important part of your regular activities because it can make your travel easy and help you to reach at your destination on time. Sale and purchase of car requires lots of formalities and documentations so it is essential to keep the car receipts with you forever to avoid any potential problem. If… Read More »

Sales Receipt Template

A receipt is a very important thing to accomplish when you are engaged in any sort of business transaction. It is basically a form of invoice that is being used by the buyer and seller and have the same importance for both individuals. A receipt is said to be very important document of financing and… Read More »

Donation Receipt Template

Donation receipt is just like receipts that are used in financial transactions made within organizations. Donation receipt is, however an important to keep a record of donation transactions that are made between donation trust, welfare association and donors. Donation receipt serves the best purpose of record keeping of donation transactions. Moreover, donation receipts can also… Read More »

Security Deposit Receipt Template

If you are dealing with a landlord in order to get a property. You must keep in mind before handing over your security deposit to the landlord, that directly paying the security fee in the form of cash to the landlord is not a safe option. This is preferable because it leaves a solid proof that… Read More »

Rent Receipt Template

If you are a property owner or living in a house on rent and you are responsible for paying the rent on time. Definitely you’ll likely have a receipt for payment for the renters’ records. The rent receipt should contain the date on which payment is made, the amount paid should also be given. Mentioning the address… Read More »

Hotel Receipt Template

Hotel is an establishment that provides you temporary paid lodging on short-term basis. Hotels follow general principle of accounting related to the management of payments, charges and disputes. Hotel offers different services and receives payments in exchange of these services. It is essential to properly manage financial matters and department of the hotel to increase… Read More »

Cash Receipt Template

Cash receipt is a document in which you enlist the transaction of your money when you sell something or buy something or you lend your money, property or any other valuable thing to anyone. Cash receipt is very important as through this you can keep the record of your money transactions. Receipt serves as a… Read More »