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Obituary Notice Template – 7 Free Format & Samples

Obituary can be defined as a particular type of news in local newspapers and magazines that let the readers know about the death of a famous or important person. Along with the news, it also includes a short life story of that person and informs the readers about his achievements in life. Brief Description of… Read More »

Meeting Notice Sample

A meeting notice is a formal and professional way of informing the employees of a company about an upcoming meeting and it also serves as an invitation. Brief Description of Meeting Notice: Companies and organizations call meeting all the time and there are usually around 10-15 meetings each month in every company either it’s a… Read More »

Eviction Notice Sample

It is very obvious from the title that an eviction notice is something that is issued to inform a tenant to evacuate the building. It can be because of any reason which depends on each particular situation. Sometimes, these notices are also sent to the owner of a building by the tenant but most of… Read More »

Death Notice Sample

When a person dies, his friends or family members are provided with a proof of his death and that proof or official document is called death notice. Death notice is also referred to the fact that when someone dies, his family members inform his workplace about his death in order to collect his belongings and… Read More »

Lease Termination Notice Sample

Lease can be of anything i.e. building, house, apartment, car, transportation vehicle or a piece of land and when the owner lend his property, he and the tenant enter in an agreement and they both are legally bound to obey and follow all the rules and terms of the agreement. If any one of them… Read More »

Payment Reminder Notice Sample

Businesses don’t always run on cash payments but most of the time, companies do business on credit which means one receives the products or services but doesn’t pay for them right away but buys some time to make the payment. When this happens, the other company needs to remind the receiver that they need to… Read More »

Missed Payment Notice Sample

When companies do businesses together, they usually don’t make the payment right away but they take some time to pay the full amount in installments. This situation is very common in the trading world and companies always enter in agreements before doing any business or credit or with late payments. This contract also includes the… Read More »

Late Payment Notice Sample

When a bank or loan firm gives loan to individuals or companies, they agree to make the installments on time in order to return the loan amount. It is possible that due to any reason the company doesn’t make the payment on time so it’s the responsibility of the loan company or bank to inform… Read More »

Contractor Layoff Notice Sample

Companies hire contractors all the time as they make the dealing easier for the corporations and organizations. Companies don’t waste their time in order to supervise and keep eye on the construction or maintenance work but they hire contractors who oversee the whole process and in return, he is awarded with the commission in the… Read More »

Rent Increase Notice Sample

With the inflation, it is not possible for a building owner to keep a steady amount of rent but he has to increase the rent every 6 months or after a year. It depends on the agreement he signed with the tenants i.e. if they agreed to increase the rent after 1 year, the owner… Read More »

Warning Notice Template – Format & Sample

A warning notice is actually an advice notice that is sent to individuals and a company regarding their behavior in a particular situation and it informs them that they need to change their behavior or else, there will be consequences. Companies send warning notices to employees, suppliers, dealers and other companies all the time and… Read More »

Section 8 Notice Sample

It is one of the notices that are very rarely used in regular routines and also people usually avoid using it too. When a landlord fails to convince the tenants to vacate the building, he sends them section 8 notice which is the last warning to them before court takes the matter in its hands.… Read More »

Policy Termination Notice Sample

Companies run on strategies and policies but that doesn’t mean that a company defines its strategies and policies only once in the life time and then for the rest of the life, it has to run on the same policies. But, companies define new policies all the time and usually it is done in the… Read More »