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5 Free Printable Salary Slip Templates

Here is our collection of Free Salary Slip Templates to help you create your own slip. People are employed every day in both public (government) and private sector. There are millions and billions of jobs from banking, labor, writers, teachers and what not. The employees of all the earlier stated and not stated fields are… Read More »

With Compliments Slip Template

Here is a good looking With Compliments Slip Template that one can easily use to create his own compliment slips quickly and effectively. Such slips are very common to send or deliver to your desired person to compliment with a gift. It is very good practice to send surprise messages or gifts to your friends on… Read More »

Phone Message Slip Template

Here is a professional looking Phone Message Slip Template that can help anyone in creating professional looking Phone Messages received during his/her absence. This slip template is very valuable for office secretaries or personal assistants as they have to deal with this situation on every day. Most of the time they have to face bad mode… Read More »

Trip Permission Slip Template – 9 Free Printable Templates

Here is a professionally designed Trip Permission Slip Template that can help school management to quickly design their own permission slip to be signed by the parents for a proposed field trip. Organizing field trips is very important to help students build up their skills inline with practical knowledge and real life experience. However it is… Read More »

Cash Slip Template – 4 Free Printable Templates

Here is a good looking Cash Slip Template that can be used to create professional looking Cash Request or Receipt Slips for any professional organization. Every business deals with cash payments or receipt on day to day basis. To record such transactions, it is vital to have some paper work specially that requires cash payment or… Read More »

Packing Slip Template

Business world has emerged into advanced shapes with the passage of time. Dealing with customers in one’s area such as town, cities or even countries is now a thing of history; people are doing business on international level where customers can be from anywhere around the globe. Goods are sold and bought through e-business mostly… Read More »