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With the growing world, our weddings have become extremely lavish. It is very exciting to attend a wedding for both the guests and the hosts. Guests dress very elegantly, women wear bright, fancy dresses and mean wear graceful, expensive outfits too. It is an amazing time to meet people we haven’t seen from quite a while. It is a time of immense pleasure and delight. Nevertheless, an incredibly important part of the whole event is its food. Many people attend weddings to eat scrumptious food only!

Every state, area or family has its own particular types of foods the best of which they include in their wedding menus. Deciding foods for a wedding can be quite difficult at times. It can be confusing whether to include appetizers or not, which and how many salads, drinks and desserts etc to include in the menu. Offering a delectable menu at a wedding is a matter of pride for the hosts. The guests are sure to comment on and to remember what they ate at weddings. Therefore, there is a pressure to prove that you offer the best wedding menu.

Decide the menu many days before the date of wedding and arrange the chefs and other requirements beforehand so as to avoid any problems on that day. Stay in touch with the caterers to ensure they are serious and available. To decide the menu, see what foods are in fashion. But that is not enough. More than what is in, it is more important know what your guests will like. So, the wedding menu should be a mixture of foods in fashion and foods your relatives and friends like. Furthermore, it is always best to offer a number of dishes, salads, drinks (including water) and desserts so that the guests have a variety to choose from. Some people might like a dish that others might dislike, so it is good to include a variety of foods in your menu. Furthermore, apart from likes and dislikes, a number of dishes put a very good impression on the guests.

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Wedding Menu Template

If some of the dishes are dry, e.g. barbecues, the rest should be opposite. Plus, make sure that you arrange food for more than the number of guests you have invited, e.g. if you are expecting 200 guests, arrange food for 250 people. If some food is left behind, it is not a big deal. You can distribute it to the poor or use it yourself later, but if the food is left short, it is a very big deal!

Practically, many people have a limited budget and have to decide their wedding menu accordingly. Such people should see what kinds of foods their relatives and friends give more importance to. If you cannot afford a long list of dishes, include the best ones only, one or two drinks and desserts. Ensure that the food is delicious and presented beautifully.

In either case, when the food is about to be served, the aroma should water the mouths of your guests already. This means that the caterers should be active, the food should be well heated and well in range of everybody. Plus, never ignore the importance of cleanliness and presentation. The cutlery should be very clean and the hall should be pleasant too.

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