Weekly Lesson Plan Templates – 2 Free Templates

By | April 18, 2017

Earlier I have shared two different versions of Lesson Plan Template that allows teachers to plan their courses at an high level (overview). Here is a more detailed Weekly Lesson Plan Template that can actually allow a teacher to plan details of each and every lesson/lecture to be delivered.

There are many advances to writing lesson plans. Some teachers extend their plans separately from scrape, while others have access towards those plans which are from a joint set of courses. Several cautiously copy out all the particulars for their lesson, whereas others utilize an epigrammatic sketch. The teacher’s advancement towards the writing lesson plans will relay on a variety of features like how well the teacher know the stuff which the teacher is teaching, how long the teacher been teaching, the types of teaching the teacher have done, and about the students which the teacher expect to have in his/her class. There is no particular method for writing lesson plans, but the teachers should gain some of the procedures that other trainers have found precious to their own lesson planning. An instructor’s sequence of events explained for a remarkable lesson which frequently includes directions, linguistic aims and objectives, apparatus which is important, and a complete investigation of the activities and presentation that will take place.

I have categorized lesson details into three sub groups for each day,

  • Objective
    • Here you should describe lecture’s objective and main topics to be taught.
  • Resources
    • List resources to be shared or recommended to your students such as books, web links etc.
  • Activity
    • List activities to effectively communicate your message including the verification process.
I have used my usual dark background (reversed theme) to create this Weekly Lesson Plan Template and I am sure you are going to live it as well.

When the teacher is creating lesson plans he/she should always keep destination in his/her mind. Where does the teacher want students to wind up? If the teacher is planning daily activities then the teacher should think about how these activities connect to the larger goals for the course. The teacher should ask himself/herself that how will each activity prepare students for the upcoming portfolio assignment? Assuming that the assignment sheets which provided by the teacher should accurately reflect the course goals or not. The teacher should determine some objectives before planning a writing plan. These goals of assignments should be for the better future of the students such as:

  • What is the general objective for this assignment?
  • What are the assignment inquiring students to accomplish?
  • What awareness do students already have which will help them to achieve the aims for writing this assignment?
  • What proficiency and conception will students necessitate to accomplish the objectives for this assignment?

Once the teacher makes series his/her objectives surrounded by a given time outline, the later step is to generate activities that will assist students to attain each objective. Make a decision about which activities are most related to the teacher’s pre-planned and most preferred objectives. Take the time to modify the accessible activities and to produce new ones that meet the requirements of the class. The teacher might also merge activities or remove some activities which seem less linked to his/her objectives.

Two questions that the teacher should always keep in his/her mind when creating activities are: “What do my students already know that I (the teacher) will help them to achieve a desired and pre-planned objective?” And, “What kind of activities will be the best help for students to meet a preferred objective?” By these questions the teacher should form a list of less important objectives to exploit as stepping stones for your destination. If the teacher is planning to write assignments for student selection then the list of the teacher should include such objectives like students will use critical judgment ability and critical writing approach is the key to success and the students will become better writers. Students will apply writing intellectual synopsis which is also a very good practice for the students and other objective according to the teacher is thinking.

Here is preview my own created Free Weekly Lesson Plan Template using MS Word.
Here is download link weekly lesson plan template,
Here is preview of another Free Weekly Lesson Plan Template using MS Word.
weekly lesson plan word template 02
Here is download link weekly lesson plan template,

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