Agreement Templates – 23 Free Printable Samples

Download a collection of 23 Free Printable Agreement Templates available for immediate download. All these Agreements are prepared using MS Word to help you prepare your own easily. Editing and Modifying its layout is very easy and even an average MS Word user can do it.

Lease Agreement Template

Lease Agreement Templates

After preparing Rental Agreement Template and receiving feedback from valued visitors, I have now attempted to create a Lease Agreement Template. I have tried to make it as better as I can (both in look and content-wise). I have used highlighted color scheme for the headings to make them look distinctive and prominent, especially on printed paper. Please let me know if you like it or not. A lease is an agreement passion for the paying guest (Customer) to pay the landlord (owner of the place) for the utilization of an asset. The tapered term rental contract can be used to explain a lease in which the asset is concrete property. The language used is that the customer rents the land or goods rented out by the landlord. The word, to lease, is not as much of precise as it can submit to either of these strokes. Lease Agreement Writing ...

Service Level Agreement Templates

Download these 21 Free Service Level Agreement Templates to study them before preparing your very own SLA for professional services to render or to hire. Service level agreement is a particular type of agreement that is made between the service provider and the service user. It is just about different aspects of service, scope, duties/responsibilities, performance, duration, quality of work, etc. Usually, large-scale services-oriented organizations focus on accomplishing SLA contracts with their customers and clients. Basically, a network of service providers is responsible for making this agreement with clients to avoid conflicts and opposes in business affairs, transactions, and relationships. SLA contract can be said a set of measurable terms and conditions that service providers and clients have to follow to make business transactions fair and continued. SLA contract has become common among internet service providers and they must give this contract to their clients and customers for having fully ...
Tenancy Agreement Template 01

Tenancy Agreement Templates

A tenancy agreement or contract is written between you and the owner of the land that you want to take on rent. Preparing this document is a very important aspect of recording real estate transactions by landlords, real estate professionals, and tenants. Tenancy Agreement may be written or oral depending on you and your requirements. A tenancy agreement is prepared to safeguard the rights of both tenants and landlord for accommodation place. We are sharing several Tenancy Agreement Templates here to assist you in preparing your own Tenancy Agreement quickly. As a tenant, your right is to occupy the accommodation for which you are paying the landlord, and the landlord or owner of the accommodation has the right to receive payment in the proper way. Such the things you use to write in the contract are called terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement. Writing a tenancy agreement is very ...
Rental Agreement Template 2

Rental Agreement Templates

Renting a place or hiring a place is an agreement of allowing someone to use your buildings or lands in a specified time for a specified rate. Renting out your property may cause a number of legal issues. If you have plans to rent out your land, having the whole lot in black and white is the most excellent thing to do. Ensure that you do not reconcile for verbal agreements. This is the first reason for the clash between the occupant and the proprietor. Making a verbal agreement may harm you because it is very difficult to prove it in court, while the written agreement saves a lot of time and effort of you. For this purpose you should have the proper knowledge about the best rental agreements; here we shall give you the best techniques to write the rental agreement. On very first, you should have to check ...

Non-Disclosure Agreement Templates

Hello Friends!  Here comes my collection of 13 Free Printable Non-Disclosure Agreement Templates. I like these Non-Disclosure Agreement Templates because it is a simple one-page agreement but includes everything that any professional non-disclosure agreement must have. Please don't forget to change the contact and other details on this template before using it for your serious purpose. Moreover, feel free to read and edit the agreement details as per your situation. A legally binding agreement is a verbal or written contract between two entities or more legal parties with the mutual intention of deciding a legal obligation or solution. The structure of the agreement involves the decided compensation in the form of specific services or goods. The contract also holds the legally enforceable undertaking to do something or not to do something. Terms and Conditions of the Non-Disclosure Agreement:
  • It is better to have a legally binding agreement in written ...

Consultant Agreement Templates

Here are 21 Free Consultant Agreement Templates & Samples in MS Word to help you prepare and print your own Consultant Agreement quickly. These Consultant Agreement Templates can help anyone to prepare consultant agreements between clients and service providers/consultants. A consultant should arrange or prepare a contract with his/her client before he/she starts working for a client. A consultant agreement or contract is made to resolve lots of things that may create various problems. A perfectly made consultant agreement should consist of key elements like:
  • Requirements of clients
  • Compensation package
  • Duration or deal line for projects
  • Necessary terms and conditions
  • Particulars of client and consultant
Consultant Agreement Guidelines Consultant agreement provides legal protection to both client and consultant. Having an agreement means you own the responsibility on your own behalf and cannot blame each other for anything. A consultant agreement is a very important document and must be created ...
Consumer Loan Agreement Template

Consumer Loan Agreement Templates

Here is a collection of 20 free Consumer Loan Agreement Templates to help our visitors in preparing their own agreements. When a bank or a financing company issues a loan to an individual for personal purposes i.e. shopping most of the time, they call it a consumer loan. This loan can be secured or unsecured but most of the time, the consumer loan is unsecured. The bank or the financing company evaluates the worth of the debtor. And analyzes his credit habits to see if he qualifies for the loan or not. This means that most consumer loans don’t include or require collateral or guarantee of personal property or possessions. When a bank gives a loan to a consumer, they both enter into a contract known as a consumer loan agreement. Brief description of Consumer Loan Agreement: There are many situations in which a consumer needs a big amount of ...
Promissory Note Template

Promissory Note Templates

Here is our collection of 17 free Promissory Note Templates that you can use to record a loan transaction officially or unofficially. For official documents, please consult your attorney as well. These word templates are useful when parties involved in a loan transaction don't know how to document it for later use or reference. A promissory note is actually an agreement between the issuer and the borrower for a certain amount to be borrowed and returned on demand or at a specific date/schedule in full or by parts. Please find more information on the promissory note on Wikipedia. It is a one-million-dollar question as to how to write a promissory note. It definitely follows with another question how many types of promissory notes are there? Can we use one Promissory Note for Real Estate and lend money from the bank? What is the difference between Security and Unsecured Promissory Notes? ...
privacy policy template

Privacy Policy Template

Formulating an effective policy is extremely important whether you are running any type of business including a home-based, a large size organization, a government agency and any NGO. Policies are made to achieve desired outcomes and they vary in rules and laws according to the size and volume of the organization. In fact targets and outcomes vary from organization to organization. Desired outcomes and targets of the organization may specific, general in nature, long-term, and short-term. Whatever the type and mission of an organization, policies are considered the backbone behind the success of each organization. An effective policy serves the organization as a guiding force and lets it stay on track to accomplish its goals and targets. Policies are very good to create consistency and reliability among employees and management authority and policies become effective as a result of following these policies and strategies. Policies are made in three different ...

Strategic Partnership Agreement Template

A strategic partnership agreement is made between two or more people to own the ability to make important decisions about a business entity. This type of agreement is also named a joint venture and partnership alliance. This serves each partner for the same purpose and is very important to have when you are going to run a large business organization. A strategic partnership agreement is very important for making business strategies and bringing some new changes in infrastructure. This document comes in very important business documents and needs to create in the best way. It must be right, concise, and look professional. Before guiding you for drafting a professional strategic partnership agreement, I would like to mention the necessary contents of this agreement. Contents of the strategic partnership agreement include:
  • Strategy development
  • Partner assessment
  • Contract negotiation
  • Alliance operation
  • Alliance termination
Here is a preview of this Strategic Partnership ...

Partnership Agreement Template

Here is a Partnership Agreement Template that can be used to compile and formalize a partnership-based business venture. In this agreement, we have assumed two partners: the investor and the technical developer. A partnership is understanding where parties concur to work together to advance their joint interests. Partnerships are effortlessly formed and straightforward to maintain if set up with an efficient partnership contract. Two or more persons or businesses working together can make a partnership, which forms, one of the simplest businesses to form. Partnership agreements perform as contracts that sketch partnership specifics. In array to follow a pale and silky partnership deal, one should go after the following essential checklist of objects to be integrated into the partnership contract:
  • Specifying the financial donation of each partner, and ensuring that each colleague's financial payment is clearly avowed in the business agreement. Defining the partition of work among the partners ...
Security Agreement Template

Security Agreement Template

When a lender and borrower enter into a deal that involves money/loan, interest, and repayment of the loan, there are always some chances and possibilities that one of them might not stick to the rules and conditions as provided and agreed upon by both of them. In order to secure the rights and protect their assets, the lender or the financial firm requires some kind of security from the borrower which is most likely a real estate property that the bank pledges or in simple words, keeps as security of safe return of loan from the borrower. The agreement that is signed by the lender and borrower to pledge the property is known as the security agreement. Brief Description of Security Agreement: Most companies and individuals prefer not to get any kind of loan until they need it the most and there is no other option. When this happens, there ...
Computer Software Rights Agreement Template

Computer Software Rights Agreement Template

When a software program is developed by a computer company, it is legally their intellectual property until they transfer the ownership and complete rights to the client or the customer who asked for the creation of the software program. In order to complete the ownership and transfer, the development company and the client sign an agreement together which shows that the client has paid for the services and in exchange, the company has given the software to the client with all rights and this agreement is known as the assignment of all rights in computer software agreement. Brief Description of Assignment of all rights in Computer Software Agreement: When it comes to computer software programs and other IT fields, plagiarism is very much possible even if you take great care of your development process and corporate secrets. This is why when a client approaches a company to develop computer software ...
Work Change Agreement Template

Work Change Agreement Template

When a company or an individual hires a contractor, they sign a legal document in order to secure their rights of themselves, and with this agreement, the contractor has to provide the services that he agreed to and the owner or company has to pay the contractor in exchange of the services. In some situations, when the company wants to change the type of work or tasks needed for the company, it rights another contract with the contractor that point outs the changes in the work and the mutual agreement of both parties. This agreement is known as the work change agreement. Brief Description of Work Change Agreement: Companies and individuals require private contractors all the time as it is better to hire a professional contractor for providing services or work for the company on an individual rather than hiring the manpower on your own. This way you will need ...
Employee Non-Compete Agreement Template

Employee Non-Compete Agreement Template

In this age of hard competition, almost all businesses and companies are doing their best to maintain their goodwill and visibility in the market. They use a lot of ways to do so and one of them is signing an employee non-compete agreement when hiring new staff employees to make bigger their manpower. An employee non-compete agreement is entered into between an employer and employee according to which one party (employee) agrees not to enter into or start a similar profession or business activity in competition against another party. Losing valuable employees is one of the most frustrating aspects of running a business establishment or company. If you are also facing this situation while running your own business, it is recommended for you ask your employees to sign an employee non-compete agreement. Most of companies and business organizations usually insist on non-compete agreements because of the possibility of an employee ...
Contractor Agreement Template

Contractor Agreement Template

A Contractor is a person who is hired by an individual or a company to provide services or orders. Usually, when we talk about a contractor, it refers to a person who is hired for construction purposes but there are many other types of contractors too. When a person or a company hires a contractor, they enter into an agreement known as a contractor agreement. Brief Description of Contractor Agreement: The contractor agreement explains the services that the hirer expects from the contractor along with the compensation that the hirer has agreed to pay to the contractor in exchange for his services. This means that if you sign this agreement, you can make sure that the hired contractor will provide the services that he agreed to and you will have the right to reject the work if it doesn’t fulfill the pre-defined criteria according to the contract. In the same ...
Employment Agreement for Technical Employee

Technical Employment Agreement Template

A Technical Employment Agreement is a legal document and it is also known as an employment contract. At the time of hiring new technical employees in the company, this agreement is signed by the employer and all new employees in order to establish some ground rules for the career of employees in the company and to eliminate any possible disputes that might come up in the future if there are no written guidelines about what is expected from the Technical Employees and what the employer is obligated to provide for the employees. Brief Description of Technical Employment Agreement: When we talk about the employees and workers in a company, there are two types of people that help a company to progress including the manual workers or the technical staff members and the management staff members. The technical employees are the ones that work in the field or on machinery with ...
Drug Testing Consent Agreement Template

Drug Testing Consent Agreement Template

In order to maintain a good environment in the workplace and bound the employees to follow work ethics, employers take casual drug tests from all the staff members. Usually, the drug test depends on each company and its policies but there are some states in America that bound each employer to take random drug tests of all the employees on the staff. Introduction to the Drug Testing Consent Agreement: Even if employers are bound to take random drug tests from employees in the workplace, they can’t do it without the permission of the employees. This is why when a company with such drug use policies hires new employees, it asks them to sign an agreement with the company that allows the employer to take drug tests whenever he requires or needs them. Brief Description of Drug Testing Consent Agreement: Unlike a few years back, now there is a huge competition ...
Technology Assignment Agreement Template

Technology Assignment Agreement Template

When a client or a company approaches a technology developer or IT services provider and hires it to develop a new technology i.e. software program for the company, until the technology is completed and handed over to the client, the legal rights and ownership of the technology remain with the developer company. When the client makes the final payment to the company and it’s time to transfer the ownership of the technology to the client, an agreement is written and signed between the client and the developer company that concludes that the client has paid the compensation and the company or service provider has handed over the technology with all rights and ownership to the client. This agreement is known as the technology assignment agreement. Brief Description of Technology Assignment Agreement: There are two types of technologies that exist these days including real technologies i.e. equipment, machinery, or computer systems, ...
Subcontract Agreement Template

Subcontract Agreement Template

A subcontract agreement is a legal contract between two parties in which one is the prime contractor and the other is the subcontractor. This agreement includes the expectation from the subcontractor about the services he will deliver along with the mutually agreed rates and payments for the subcontractor in return for his work. Brief Description of Subcontract Agreement: When you want something done, you hire a contractor. It is very common to hire contractors for construction purposes, raw material supply purposes, and many others. Usually, when this first contractor is hired, he is known as the prime contractor and he is the one who is responsible for all the work, progress, and results of the project. Usually, when a contractor understands that a project is too big for him and he can’t finish it alone, he hires another contractor or many contractors to handle small parts of the project. For ...
Website Art License Agreement

Website Art License Agreement Template

When a company or a website owner wants to display some art from an artist on the website, they have to ask for permission from the primary owner and buy the license to use the art on the website. It depends on each type of deal and type of art that either the artist or owner wants to display the art for free or he wants to charge for the license. The legal contract that is written between the artist/owner and the licensee in order to obtain the rights to display the art on the website is known as the website art license agreement. Brief Description of Website Art License Agreement: If you ask any artist what the key reason behind his work is, most of the artists and creative people will tell you that they want to show their talent to people around the world and the key objective ...
Arbitration Agreement Template

Arbitration Agreement Template

Arbitration or mediation is a process in which two parties try to resolve a dispute outside of court. Usually, when arbitration is done, an arbitrator, mediator, or a middleman is involved in the process listens to the comments from each party, and then decides what he thinks is the best way to resolve the problem without involving the court or legal department in the dispute. Introduction to the Arbitration Agreement: When we talk about arbitration, it’s a process in which two parties resolve a problem or issue without involving the court or law enforcement department and even if you don’t think of it as a good process for settlements with your employees, many employers and companies prefer not to go to court and resolve their issues with their employees with the arbitration process. This is why when employees are hired by these companies and organizations that consider their reputation above ...
Outsourcing Agreement Template 1

Outsourcing Agreement Template – Administrative and Technology Services

If we describe outsourcing in simple words, it’s the process of hiring staff for your company from a distance in which you don’t need to have any office but your employees will work from remote areas from all over the world over the internet. Due to many reasons, outsourcing is getting more and more common in organizations and companies. Usually, companies use outsourcing services for the tasks and processes that can be done from a distance without having the employees present in the office and this includes all the administrative and technological services for the company and organizations. Agreement for outsourcing the services: If you or your company is about to involve in the outsourcing process, you need to understand that this is a very delicate and complex process. You can deal with your employees in many ways when they are in front of you such as pushing deadlines and ...