Attendance Sheet Templates

Download these 13+ Free Attendance Sheet Templates that can assist any school teacher to record their students daily attendance in easier way. Good attitude towards school attendance is critical for the educational life of any student. It doesn’t matter at what level he or she is studying. A Poor Attitude towards attendance can easily be spotted in the daily attendance register. It is very critical to address it as such early years habit can be tough to get-off later on when the students are grown up.

Attendance Sheet Guidelines

For Teachers, it is really important to understand the importance of attendance register.  Make sure that it must be the first activity performed in any school day. School Attendance Registers are very common and easily available to buy from any bookstore. However if for some reason you can’t find it. Here we are sharing several good looking Attendance Sheet Templates for you.

Lets discuss some useful Attendance Sheet Tips to better understand this document.

The use of Notebook Page as an Attendance Sheet

A very common mistake that school teachers do by using notebook pages instead of proper attendance sheets. Sometimes, teachers forget to bring the attendance sheet with them and then they take the attendance on a simple sheet of paper. This is with a thought that they will transfer the data to attendance sheet later on. In case of misplacing the piece of paper, teachers then are unable to write correct attendance information on attendance sheets of that particular day.

Giving charge to Students for Marking Attendance

Sometimes teachers assign a particular student to mark the attendance on the attendance sheet regularly, or in many schools teachers give the authority to some students for marking attendance. Students are not mature enough and they have not a proper sense of honesty and responsibility and they are unaware of the importance of the attendance so that they use the attendance sheet for their personal benefits. The even mark present for their friends who are absent on a particular day and if they have conflicts with other classmates they mark them absent even they are present.

Careless Attitude towards Attendance Sheets

Sometimes, teachers have a very careless attitude towards attendance sheets and they never keep them in their correct place once an attendance sheet is filled completely. This result in a number of issues with many things including making and annual attendance record of the student, subject credit hour a student attended etc.

Attendance Signature

In some schools there is a particular system of attendance with signatures. An attendance sheet with the names and roll numbers of the students circulate in the classroom daily.  Each student have to put their signature in front of his/her name. There is a flaw in this system as students can use simple signatures that their friends can also copy in their absence. This will mark them present even they are absent.

Another issue with this type of attendance is that they need a separate sheet for each day. Hence you come up with a lot of sheets at the end of month and the session. It is difficult for a teacher to carry and manage all the pages. Also the possibility of the misplacing of the documents is also there.

Free Attendance Sheet Templates

Here are 13+ Free Attendance Sheet Templates to help you create your own sheet quickly and easily.

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