Basketball Certificate Template

Basketball is very common game played in every part of the globe especially in Argentina Italy and Switzerland. It has been played on international level from past few years. Basketball is played among ten players with five players in each team trying to get points (Score) by passing the basketball (Ball used in the game) through a ten feet high ring (called basket) on the side of opponent team. There is no hard and fast rule for the position of the player but following positions are commonly known in basketball

  • Point Guard
  • Shooting Guard
  • Small Forward
  • Power Forward
  • Centre

The basic rule of game is to gain maximum points through taking the ball to the opponent’s ring by passing the basketball to the team mates or bouncing the ball to the ground while running. A shooting takes place when the ball is close enough to the ring so that it can be thrown inside directly.

In order to design a best possible certificate, you have to include the extra ordinary characteristics, skills and techniques of a person in his certificate according to his corresponding field of work. An employee experience certificate may contain his project contributions, a teacher certificate may have his excellence in core subjects taught by him and a doctor certificate may contain his abilities to cope with a specific set of diseases. Similarly, a basketball certificate will indorse the playing skills, awards and achievements of an athlete summarizing his sports career in a small content.

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Basketball Certificate Template

Basketball certificates can be categorized as occasional and generic. In occasional certificates, the design and template of the certificate will focus on some specific occasion like man of the match certificate, tournament participation certificate and excellence performance certificate. On the other hand, generic certificate will depict the overall performance of a player in his sports career. This certificate will highlight a specific area of expertise of a player which will certify the excellence of the player in a specific area. An example of generic certificate is “Best Point Guard Player Award of the Year”. This certificate explains the brilliance of the player at basketball position of Point Guard.

Another thing that a basketball certificate can have is the certifying authority who is giving the certificate. The name of the certifying authority must be clearly mentioned on the certificate at appropriate place according to the design and requirement of the certificate. The most common and secure way to display the certifying entity on certificate is to include the stamp or logo of the company or person on the certificate.

In order to retain from the security breach of the certificate, some security tools used on paper are commonly used in certificates. This paper based security tools may be

  • Signatures
  • Punched Stamps
  • Complex Logo of certificate
  • Certificate design colors
  • Un Common font of the certificate text

Summarizing the contents of a basketball certificate, each certificate must include Title or name of player, award description, player skill level demonstration, event or venue portrayal, certifying authority representation and finally a unique design including the stamp and monogram of the certificate. Certificate awarding date and validation date can be added optionally.

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