Car Delivery Receipt Template

Car is an important part of your regular activities because it can make your travel easy and help you to reach at your destination on time. Sale and purchase of car requires lots of formalities and documentations so it is essential to keep the car receipts with you forever to avoid any potential problem. If you are selling your old car then it is essential to design a car receipt according to the standards of Department of Motor Vehicles because the buyer will present this receipt to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get the registration of the car on his/her own name. If you are purchasing the old car then you have to be careful about receipt and make sure to get a standard car receipt to simplify the process of registration. Both seller and buyer should maintain this receipt to avoid any potential problem such as the involvement of car in the illegal affairs in future and in the presence of receipt you can show that you have no longer belongings to the car.

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Car Delivery Receipt Template

Vital Contents for Car Receipts

It is really important document therefore it is essential to design it with care without any potential error and following are some instructions to guide you about the designing of the car receipts:

  • In first step, write your full name and address on the upper left-hand corner of the car receipts. Although you can generate handwritten car receipt but system generated receipt can be easy target for you as you can design a specimen according to the standards of Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • It is compulsory to include the specific details of vehicle such as model, car’s make, year and VIN. Write everything in simple and clear words to make your receipt easy to read for all persons.
  • It is your moral duty to write the complete and true condition of vehicle at the time of sale. For instance, if the new transmission is required by the vehicle or the tires are going bald then it is compulsory to list these situations. It will protect you from future accuses from buyer. Do not forget to write current odometer reading.
  • If you are in the situation to provide any guarantee to the buyer then clearly spell it in the car receipt. You have to be careful while writing it as the buyer can take you to the court in case of any dispute or mismanagement.
  • Carefully check the odometer and write the accurate reading at the time of sale. If there is any error in the number of odometer then you have to write its reason in the car receipt. Write purchase price of the car followed by the description and clearly writer that you are relinquishing complete ownership of vehicle to the buyer.
  • Without your signature and date at the bottom the car receipt cannot be complete so sign the receipt and take the signs of buyer as well with the date of transaction. Buyer can sign the receipt underneath your signature or in the opposite direction also.

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