Certificate of Excellence Template

Here is a professional looking Certificate of Excellence Template created using Microsoft Word to help business management to quickly create good looking certificates without hiring a graphics designer. Businesses are run by trained and hard working staff members and for them little recognition to enough to keep them going on for a longer period of time. The matter of fact is that recognition is the best fuel that can make an employee to improve his performance beyond boundaries. Hence no one can’t deny the importance of issuing performance based certificates on a regular period of time (monthly or annually) to bring in competition within your staff.

As the name suggests, certificates are documents that certify the skills and accomplishments of a person. They serve as evidence that the certificate holder has indeed accomplished that which is mentioned on the certificate, a feature that is helpful in situations such as job interviews. They also serve as a record of personal achievement, and are useful instruments used by many organisations and institutions to motivate and encourage employees and students.

Here is preview of this Certificate of Excellence Template created using Microsoft Word,

Certificate of Excellence Template

A certificate of excellence is a generically themed certificate which can be used in any field. Certificates of excellence are not only limited to schools and corporations but also extend to any profession or workplace where there is an organisational structure. Since this is an official document which aims to be an authentic record of the receiver’s accomplishments, some thought should go into its design so as to reflect its official status and importance as a document. In particular, the certificate designer should keep the following tips in mind when designing a certificate of excellence:

  • Colour Scheme. Although the colour scheme of this certificate can differ according to the institution or company, it should generally be kept in mind that the scheme should not be too flashy or bright. This is an official document and the colour scheme should be stately.
  • Orientation. Certificates are printed in landscape orientation (horizontally) as a matter of convention. The reason behind this is that the text can be spread out and be printed out in a large font to enhance its prominence. It is a matter of how best one can use the space on the certificate to properly display its contents.
  • Title. Typically, the title of the certificate giver is placed as the title of the certificate document. It may be in the form of a company logo, a school logo or the name of an institution. The text ‘Certificate of Excellence’ immediately follows the title, and is usually in large stylized fonts so as to give a prominent effect.
  • Name of the receiver. There is normally a set tone in which certificates read. This tone is set by phrases like ‘This is to certify that’ or ‘It is hereby certified’. These phrases give the certificate an official and formal tone. The text normally goes like this: This is to certify that (insert name of the receiver here) belonging to (insert department here) is being awarded a certificate of excellence in recognition of (insert accomplishments here).
  • Date. The date on which the certificate is given and received should be placed on the document. It is normally placed beneath the signature lines and spaces.
  • Signature space. At the end of the certificate, typically on the lower right hand corner, the name of the certificate giver should be printed. Beneath this printed name, there should be a space and then a line on which the signatory shall sign his or her name.
  • Paper quality. The paper should be of good quality, and the texture should be hardened, like cardboard. This ensures durability of the certificate.

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