Computer Repair Quotation Template

The power of computers is unquestionable. As technology has improved over the decades, computers have found their way into more and more houses, businesses and classrooms. Through technological evolution, they have become cheaper, smaller, faster and user friendly. Technology that, in the past, was accessible to only a handful is now freely available to the masses. It is no surprise, therefore, that computers have crept into every walk of life. The list of professions that do not require computers is fast dwindling, and even people belonging to older generations are trying to get themselves better acquainted with computer skills.

However, computers are machines, and machines break down. There are many different types of repairs a computer may require. Firstly, these repairs may be broadly classified into software and hardware. Software, as the name implies, refers to the programs and systems that the computer runs. Hardware, on the other hand, refers to the physical parts of the computer that contribute towards its operation. The efficient working of hardware and software both is important for the overall operation of a computer. Examples of software repair services include data recovery, data backup, virus cleaning, operating system installation, software package installation and updates, and system restores. Hardware repair services include memory upgrades, fixing malfunctioning hard drives, monitors, keyboards, mice, scanners, speakers, touchpad or buttons.

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Computer Repair Quotation Template

As a result of these troubleshooting demands, many computer repair establishments have sprung up over the years. Different companies follow different standard procedures, but most issue a quotation, or a bill of statement, to the customer. A quotation is a document that contains information about the services that the customer requires, along with charges that they are required to pay. A typical computer repair service quotation consists of categories of services, and under each category, there is a list of services that the company provides. For example, a particular company might provide printer repairs, such as toner replacement, head repairs, and overall hardware service. In the quotation, they will include these services under the ‘Printer’ category, alongside the respective charges. The terms and conditions of service are also included on the quotation; in some places it is a legal requirement.

The terms and conditions of service are an important part of the quotation document. The customer should be provided with total transparency in order to build a relationship of trust, which is essential to growth of business. If diagnostic fees are compulsory, the customer needs to know beforehand, and should be included in the quotation. Minimum billing rate should also be included; a customer should know if a task that takes twenty minutes is going to be billed at one hour due to company policy. For a particular job, the customer should also know the estimated amount of hours, if the company charges on an hourly basis. Some companies offer in-home services, but charge extra. The extra charges should also be included on the quotation.

Computer repair is a fast growing business due to the rise in the use of computers. Many computer users do not have the time or expertise to repair their own computers, and therefore employ the services of computer repair companies to fulfill their needs. A quotation helps them decide whether to employ the services of a particular company, and also gives them important information about the services they are thinking about purchasing.

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