Consultancy Company Brochure Template

You can use different types of tools and techniques for advertising your company or business such as making a flyer or creating a pamphlet but the most common and useful tool is a brochure. A brochure is kind of a flyer but it’s different in many ways. For example, brochures are made on hard paper unlike flyers or pamphlets that are made on common soft printing paper. Unlike flyers, brochures are printed on big sized paper and then the paper is fold into small portions. This way it is easy for the company or business to advertise its name on the front side of the brochure and put the relevant information about their products and services in the inner portions or sheets of the brochure.

There are many ways to define what a company brochure is and for what purpose it’s use for but the simple and easy way is that a company brochure is a piece of paper or pamphlet that includes all the necessary information about a company along with the products and services that the company offers. Usually there are two types of company brochures used these days; one is used by the already existed company that is doing business for some time and wants to introduce new products in the market where the other one is used by a new company that wants to introduce the company itself and the products in the market.

Common Mistakes in Company Brochures to Eliminate:

There are many mistakes made by the companies on the brochures but most of the time, it is really difficult to understand if you have made a mistake on the brochure or not. Here is a list of the most common mistakes that can happen to your company brochure and with this list, you can eliminate them easily.

  • The front panel or cover is not attractive enough and it fails to tell the people about the inside information of the brochure.
  • Few pictures and more words with dense paragraphs and long sentences make it boring for the people to understand the brochure.
  • The brochure includes more panels and less information or fewer panels and more information that doesn’t quite fit on the sheet of paper.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Consultancy Company Brochure Template created using MS Word,

Consultancy Company Brochure Template

Tips for making a Company Brochure:

  • Gather required elements for your brochure:
    Understand what your company stands for and what you want the people to know about your company. This way you can make a list of the elements that you want to add on the brochure.
  • Define your budget:
    Next most important thing is to define a budget for your advertising needs so that you don’t spend more than enough money on the brochures and end up answering your seniors like an idiot.
  • Choose the type of brochure that you want:
    Understand what type of brochure would convey the information in a better way and then choose the required type of brochures from a list with dozens of types of brochures.
  • Put all the photos and information to include in the brochure:
    Gather the photos, images and text details that you want to add on the brochure and then after selecting the type of the brochure, arrange the information on different panels and sides of the brochure. 

Here is download link for the above shown Consultancy Company Brochure Template,

Download Consultancy Company Brochure Template