Fish/Seafood Menu Template

Sea food is very famous all over the world and is not restricted to the sea side areas or countries only. Sea food is available now in almost everywhere in the world. Some restaurants have a sub section of sea food in their menu however there are others which specifically serve sea food only and excel in this category of human consumption. Sea food is liked by a greater population of world and people enjoy eating fish, crabs, lobsters and other consumable sea creatures cooked in a nice and appetizing manner. A sea food restaurant has a menu of its own and is different from other menus used in regular restaurants on basis of its theme and contents.

Sea food menus have to be very elegantly designed to attract the appetite of the customers. There is no doubt about the fact that after décor of restaurant, the menu is the first thing to put an impression on the customers. The look and ease to read of the restaurant menu helps the customers and makes them like your system and come again. One well designed menu can be of great help in attracting more and more customers.

A Word Document that can suits best for Fish Restaurants to make their Fish Menu using this Menu Template.


Designing of fish or sea food menus is just the same as designing as any other restaurant menu. The difference only comes at the graphical part and the contents which are to be included in this type of menu. One can easily design his or her own fish or sea food restaurant menu with a little help. Here are a few important things to consider while designing a menu of sea food restaurants.

  • First and foremost task in designing a sea food or fish menu is the decision of colors. Since it is about the sea food so the best suited colors are the ones related to this scenario i.e. sea; and the most used and suitable one is blue and various shades of blue. However to differentiate a little, green, sea green or any other shade of green can also be employed as a major design color.
  • The design should depict sea theme, may be include fish images or drawings and other sea related things to give it a more suiting touch in relevance to the sea food.
  • Make categories of what is being served in that specific sea food restaurant and divide the dishes in these categories, most common ones being sandwiches, fish dishes and drinks such as wines etc.
  • Do mention the quantity and serving size of every dish to help customers choose the quantity while ordering.
  • There are more number of people who are budget conscious than others who will just eat what they will like, so including the prices of every item being served is a not-to-forget feature of every menu and sea food menus are no different.
  • Do include any special dishes which are only this restaurant’s specialty as a separate section to let those dishes stand out from others in the menu.