Fragile Label Template

Here is a simple yet good quality Fragile Label Template that can be used by anyone to quickly print out fragile stickers to be placed on fragile items to be shipped or transported from one location to another. A Fragile label is used to identify an item as to treat carefully because loose handling can result in damage to it. It is particularly important where you don’t know who is going to take care of this item. Usually, such labels are attached to the shipping items while leaving factory so that every item must be marked correctly as to handle with care. However sometimes you have to print and attach such labels on urgent basis and hence will be in need of a ready made template to do it. A fragile label is also another type of label which indicates that the box contains delicate items which are easily breakable and it’s recommended that the box is carried and placed with great care and delicacy.

As it’s clear from the name that when it’s written on a box that it’s fragile, no one is kidding and the box should be treated that way. When a customer orders something and wants the product on his doorstep, he actually puts all the responsibility on the vendor. This means that the vendor has to deliver the product in its original form without any damage or fault so he places a fragile label on the box and again puts the responsibility on the shipper who then has to be extra careful around such boxes. It’s a standard procedure of shipment that parcels are being thrown into the storage area and the supervisor piles up the thousands of boxes which will ruin the inside of a fragile box if it’s not been treated the way it’s supposed to.

Here is preview of this Fragile Label Template created using MS Word 2007,

Fragile Label Template

General guidelines to create a fragile label for your company:

  • First of all you have to understand that the key purpose of a label is to provide necessary information to the receiver but you can also use it to advertise your company or product. This is why it’s essential that you create your own customized label which should be unique and contains a little bit about your company or products you are offering.
  • The label should be made by some waterproof paper or you should laminate it in order to keep it safe during the shipment as it can easily be ruined by rain.
  • Start with putting your company’s name and logo on the top or any of the upper corners.
  • Then write the essential detail about the inside items such as if it’s glass, crystal or fragile. This way the cargo company and the receiver will have a clear knowledge to handle it with great care and not to put weight on it.
  • You should know that creating a fragile label will cost you extra money so if you want to cut the budget or save some money, you should put the shipment details on it too such as receiver’s name, address and contact number. It will save you to put another shipment slip on the box.

Here is download link for this Fragile Label Template,

Download Fragile Label Template