Furniture Sales Brochure Template

A brochure is kind of a pamphlet or you can also say that it’s a catalog that includes information about certain things for the ease and convenience of people. In furniture business, brochures play a very important role of presenting the items and related stuff to the customers and visitors in a form of a catalog and making it easy for them to understand the products, warranty policies, prices and discounts on them.

Tips for creating a furniture brochure:

  • Divide the brochure in separate sections:
    A brochure is supposed to have several panels and each of these panels can be used for different information and details. You need to divide your furniture related products in separate sections and categorize them on the brochure. For example, a category for home furniture, another category for office furniture, and third category for furniture accessories i.e. polishes etc. This way you can make it easy for the customers to go through the entire brochure without confusion and figuring out where to find a certain item.
  • Talk more about customer benefits and less about your policies:
    It is okay to talk a little about your business and company ethics but it’s really not the details that customers might find interesting but they want to know more about the products and services that you offer and the benefits that they can enjoy with your company. This is why it is important that you talk mostly about the benefits and features that you offer for your customers such as the warranty policies, money back guaranty policies and discount offers.
  • Use more bullet points and images:
    No one wants to read dense and long paragraphs and you have to understand the needs and behavior of the readers. If you want to add written content in your brochure, it is not a problem in fact some of the text is necessary in the brochure but you need to add more pictures and stuff rather than just adding words and long boring sentences. Instead of paragraphs, use more bullet points and always use bullets to enlist the policies, features and benefits of a product on the brochure.
  • Arrange the stuff in a certain manner:
    As it is very important to have several categories on the brochure in order to make it easy for the readers to locate specific items, it is also very important to arrange the stuff in a good manner. For example, you can start with the home furniture items and then move on to the office furniture stuff. After that, include the furniture accessories, your services for home and office, moving and shifting policies, warranty policies and customer care services that you provide.
  • Keep it simple for them to contact you:
    You need to understand that people like easy things and they don’t want to deal with complicated stuff. This is why you need to keep it very simple for them to contact you. Dedicate a panel on the brochure for only to provide the ways the customers can contact you such as the customer care services, phone numbers, email addresses, warranty shops and mail addresses. 

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Furniture Sales Brochure Template

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