Indian Menu Template

You can grab amazing this Indian Menu Template in MS Word Format to help you prepare your own Indian Menu quickly and effectively.

Indian restaurants are famous for their spicy and mouthwatering taste of cuisine and what they call a ‘desi’ flavor of spices in their foods. Indian restaurants are not only present in India; in fact, these restaurants have spread all over the globe due to the globalization of professions. The urge to open these restaurants arose because of two basic reasons; first, a large number of Indians being employed internationally, and second, the taste of Indian foods is unavoidably extraordinary. People from all over the world utterly appreciate their spices and the foods being cooked with these spices.

Like every other restaurant anywhere in the world, menus are really important for Indian restaurants as well. These restaurants especially need menus since the foods if sold in other countries and people who do not understand Indian languages (Hindi, Urdu, etc.) need to read a menu to order food every time they visit the restaurant. Indian foods are usually named in Indian languages and that is the basic reason for them to have menus plus it is a sophistication, that restaurants have adopted internationally to have menus for the customers.

Free Indian Menu Template

Here is a colorful Indian Menu Template that can be used to create your Restaurant Menu if you are running an Indian Restaurant.


Indian Menu Template

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Tips to Design an Indian Menu Template

Here are a few important tips to design a food menu for an Indian Restaurant. Anyone with a little knowledge of designing can design their very own, according to the choice of food menu. Take a look at the following handy tips.

  • A theme must be chosen for an Indian restaurant menu, before any other design steps. The article must be according to the overall look and décor of the restaurant. The colors of the menu should also be according to the general aura of the restaurant.
  • It is quite suitable to choose catchy borders and heading designs according to Indian culture to give the customers an improved feeling as if they are in India even if they are in an Indian restaurant on a random American street.
  • It is really important to include the names of dishes in English since it is an internationally recognized means of communication. It is a plus if you add the local language to the name of dishes if any locals visit the restaurant.
  • The menu can be printed on various types of paper; the ones most commonly used are card papers of mere thickness and suit best for the type of use of menus. They are hard and rough and can last longer.
  • Categories of Indian dishes can be made in the Indian restaurant menu, which can include drinks, chicken dishes, sweet dishes, etc. according to the categories available in that specific restaurant.
  • The prices of the dishes, as per a general trend are mentioned on the menu against each dish. The quantity or serving size of every dish should also be mentioned to give the customers a better idea while they are ordering food.
  • It is a good idea to describe the dishes a little bit or maybe mention the ingredients such as the main text saying ‘chicken ginger’ and the sub-text might say ‘chicken, sliced ginger, black pepper, and a touch of butter.

These are a few tips that can help make an excellent Indian restaurant menu.