Investment Proposal Template

Investment proposal is a document that is developed by the entrepreneur who is taking the initiative of any project and wants his project to be financed by the investor. Lack of funds to pursue one’s goals becomes the basis for such kind of proposal. Entrepreneurs have to face a lot of difficulties to get funds for their projects and business ventures. But this difficulty can be overcome through an impressive and well-written investment proposal. Investment proposal templates can be found on the internet in abundance and can be used for assistance. But relying solely on them would also be a foolish act as they need to be tempered to suit one’s own specific needs and demands. So before selecting any template one should go for carefully reading them and then selecting the right one. Initially this task might seem intimidating but once a plenty of proposals are read carefully, they won’t be difficult to emulate.

Investment proposal contains information about the project that needs to get financed, the history of the business that is taking this initiative and how previous investment projects have been accomplished, the objectives that are set for this venture and finance that will be required for it and also the repayment schedule of principle and interest that is agreed annually or monthly. Every minute detail about the project is mentioned in the investment proposal so that no ambiguity is left for the investor as well as the businessman. Investment proposal, like any other kind of proposal, is written step by step and every section of it is focused on one topic at a time. Although every part is interlinked yet it delivers unique information about the project. The very first part of the investment proposal is all about the title given to the proposal. The title should be concise yet descriptive of the ideal. It should reflect what is being told in the rest of the proposal. What the project is all about? The answer of this question must be given in the title. It should instantly create an image in the mind of reader about the kind of project. A catchy, brief and inspiring title should take the place of title section in proposal.

After title, one should go for the summary of the project. This is the part that any investor would focus on and judge the viability of this option. So the writer would have to be really careful while drafting this part of the proposal.

Writer has to sell this project by focusing on the benefits that the investor will get by investment and how this option is going to be really attractive for the client. How money provided by the investor will be used in the project and what outcomes will it generate in return. What will be the return on investment and how investor will get it? Now comes the descriptive part of the proposal where everything about the business of the entrepreneur and the project that he is initiating is told. Not just that but maintaining balance between the information of entrepreneur’s business and prospective benefits for the investor. Writer has to make investor believe that he will generate income through this venture and this is the main objective of the investment proposal.

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Investment Proposal Template

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