IT Proposal Template

A proposal is a document written in such a way that it persuades its readers to believe in what has been mentioned in it or take that specific action required by the writer. The goal of the writer can vary in a proposal but the basic structure mostly remains the same. The proposal should always be persuasive and impressive highlighting the key facts and figures required by the client. It is a kind of marketing of the product or service in an efficient manner. So marketing caters to all the needs of the target market. What they like, how they like, and when they like, the answers to all of the questions are given by a strategic manager. These skills need to be developed to write an appealing document of the proposal. Moreover, the effectiveness of any proposal is solely dependent on the way the writer explains the nature and context of the project that he is handling and how these goals can be achieved by him.

In the IT proposal, the whole document revolves around the information technology product or any service that the company is offering. Writing only about the price of the particular IT product is not the main objective of a well-versed proposal. Rather the solution to the problems of the client needs to be elaborated in an appealing way so that the client is left with no other option. This is what a good proposal is all about. Now IT proposals can be of two kinds: internal and external. An internal IT proposal is an in-house proposal whereas an external one targets a specific prospective customer outside the organization. The internal IT proposal can relate to the replacement of the existing information system with a more advanced information system technology. But there are many limitations associated with an internal IT proposal particularly when an internal project approval framework is available. The freedom to include anything or everything diminishes and strict observance of the framework is demanded.

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IT Proposal Template

Whether the IT proposal relates to the internal setting of the organization or it is targeted towards a prospective customer outside the organization, the writer has to keep in mind the requirements of the client or the organization. If the client’s preference is cost reduction, then this feature should be highlighted and the proposal must be cheap and has minimal cost whereas if the customer demands high quality then the proposal must have that feature on the top. And conversely, if the proposal is being made to the company’s executives about the replacement of the old information system then the writer should know what they are looking for and what their requirements are regarding the project. Writing any kind of proposal demands planning. Without proper planning, the results are not healthy. Whenever an IT proposal is written, it should be viewed through the lens of the executives of the organization or the prospective buyer of the product. And the most important features should be placed at the top. This perspective gives a clear vision of what should be made a part of the proposal and what should not be.

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