Meeting Notice Sample

A meeting notice is a formal and professional way of informing the employees of a company about an upcoming meeting and it also serves as an invitation.

Brief Description of Meeting Notice:

Companies and organizations call meeting all the time and there are usually around 10-15 meetings each month in every company either it’s a small one or global multinational company. Usually hundreds of employees work in a company and when there is a meeting, only few of them are needed in there so with a meeting notice, companies let the required employees know that they need to attend the meeting where the other employee can continue with their regular work routines while the meeting is running.

Types of Meeting Notices:

There are basically two types of meeting notices; in document form and in electronic mail form. There is also another type of meeting notice that is placed on the notice board in the company office where people can easily take a look on the notice while walking by. Electronic mails are sent to each of the participant of the meeting via internet where documented form of the meeting notices is sent by post.  Most of the time, electronic meeting notice is used because it’s cheap, quick and very time effective.

Elements of a Meeting Notice:

  • Name of the company or the internal department that called the meeting
  • Name of the head of the meeting
  • Names of the directors attending the meeting
  • Name of the person who is invited by the notice
  • Agenda of the meeting
  • Date, time and location of the meeting
  • Necessary items to bring in the meeting (i.e. laptop, flash drives etc)

Benefits of Meeting Notice:

The first and most important benefit of meeting notice is that it saves a lot of time for the company employees. With meeting notice, the head of the meeting can inform all the employees in the company and in outside branches about an upcoming meeting which would be so complicated and time consuming to meet with each employee and inform them about the meeting. Another benefit of meeting notice is that with personal invitations and reminders, there is a possibility that some of the employees will be missed and they won’t be able to attend the meeting which wouldn’t happen with meeting notices.

Where to find a Meeting Notice?

Companies and organizations prepare their own meeting notices and as it’s just a formal invitation to a meeting or conference, it doesn’t need anything exclusive. There is no need to include any particular or high level personnel in preparing the meeting notices and companies usually run it by the assistants and secretaries. The above situation is for multinational and global companies where on the other hand when we talk about local or small companies, they can download number of templates for meeting notices from internet. There are hundreds of websites that facilitate the visitors with a huge list of meeting notices and one can easily get the notice of his choice.

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Meeting Notice Sample

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