Monthly Menu Template

Monthly menus like other menus can be devised for various arrangements like for an office, home, restaurant or any food chain. It contains detailed overview of dishes that are to be prepared throughout the month. So it can be revised every month or can remain the same.. Combination of daily and weekly menus results in monthly menu. As it has to be prepared for 30 days so planning can take a lot of time.

Planning a monthly time can provide many benefits.

  • It saves time.
  • It saves money.
  • It saves fuel wasted in daily trips to stores.
  • It reduces tension of thinking daily about meals.
  • It gives a peace of mind.
  • It helps in organizing the kitchen by timely buying of grocery items.

Mothers do not have to rush to supermarkets all the time to grab ingredients of different meals. They collect all the necessary material at the beginning of the month avoiding the need to go to stores time to time. Monthly menus are even better than weekly as collective prices on bulk are even lower. Time that is saved through planning monthly menu can be spent anywhere else. Mothers can join gym or adopt other healthy activities for themselves. Also quality time to children due to spare time left is a plus of this planning activity. Last but not the least weekly menu also results in organized kitchen with everything on its place. This not only gives mothers a sigh of relief but is appealing for other family members as well. Although at first this task might seem intimidating but the end results are so gratifying that one can get addicted to it.

Here is preview of a Free Printable Monthly Menu Template created using MS Word,

Monthly Menu Template

Monthly menus are fun to make as anyone can do it according to his needs. There is no need to be formal while drafting menus as they are not going to be published to being presented to customers. Children love to take part in such activities. Their input can be very helpful for mothers because children are the moodiest members of any family. So planning according to their wishes will yield best outcomes. Other members of the family can also participate in this process to make it more exciting. Items that can be included in the monthly menu should fulfill the nutritional requirements of family members as well.

Monthly menus last quite longer than weekly menus. So the process of planning also takes more time than weekly one. But the time spent here saves a lot of time afterwards throughout the month which can be utilized at other projects. Monthly menus can also contain party menus for different occasions and special days that lie between the month. Like if birthday or Christmas is coming in the following month then their menus can also be added in the monthly menu to avoid hassle afterwards.

Here is download link for the above shown Monthly Menu Template,

Download Monthly Menu Template