Policy Change Notice Sample

There are different policies and strategies on which a company runs and these policies aren’t long term most of the time. Usually a company changes its policies after a year or even 6 months when it observes the change in market and understands that it is time to change the operations in the company. When a policy is changed, a formal letter is sent to the internal departments of the company and to the external stakeholders in order to keep everyone on the same page. That formal letter is called policy change notice.

Brief Description of Policy Change Notice:

Companies change policies all the time because it is not possible to stay on the same policy for a long time. Each company has to change its policies and strategies according to the trends of the market and behavior of the customers. This is why the change policy notices are very common in the organizational and business world. For example, a company finds out that the billboard marketing is no longer effective in the present market and it will be just a waste of time and resources to invest money on the billboard advertisement so it changes the marketing policy and informs all the departments and employees that there won’t be any operations related to billboard advertisement anymore.

Elements of a Policy Change Notice:

  • Name of the company that is changing the policy
  • Internal departments on which the changed policy will be implemented
  • Name of the person who changed and introduced the new policy
  • Head of the policy change program
  • Reasons why the policy needed to be changed
  • Departments that will be affected by the change

Purposes of a Policy Change Notice:

The key purpose of sending a change policy notice is to inform the company employees, related internal departments and divisions in the company, stakeholders and directors of the company, the outside partners and suppliers of the company about the upcoming changes in the operations of the company. This way they can effectively prepare themselves for the future changes and it also gives them enough time to think about the possible outcomes of this change.

Also when a company does business with another company, it is required to inform the other party every time there is a change in the policy so that the other company can usefully renew or terminate the contract due to the changes. This can be done with mutual consideration and there won’t be any conflicts in between the companies where on the other hand, if the company doesn’t inform anyone about the policy changes, there are strong chances that the outside partners will terminate the contract without any notice and they will also file a law suit against the company.

Where to find a Policy Change Notice?

In a company, it is the responsibility of the HR department to prepare the policy change notice and send it to the required people i.e. employees, stakeholders, directors and outside partners of the company.

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Policy Change Notice Sample

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