Project Proposal Template

Like proposals can be of various types, projects can also be but the variance in project type does not outdated the need of a good proposal. A good proposal can be a vague term but a well-written proposal won’t be. Sometimes the proposal would be addressing only few specific people from which a request has been made and sometimes the proposal would be addressing a wide range of people. Later one is unsolicited and former is solicited one. Whichever kind of proposal is, the fundamental structure remains the same. A project proposal is written to persuade the potential clients and sponsors to approve your project and fund it. Whichever field the project is touching, may it be health, sports, textile or technology related, it should address the needs of the potential client. Everything should be crystal clear and up to the demands of the client.

The key information about the project is described in detail in the project proposal to build up a good image in front of the client. The significance of the proposed project should be emphasized quite often in the proposal. Because this makes the basis for the funding to be received by the client. Like any other kind of proposal, project proposal is also divided into sections. The first section is about title of the proposal. Title should be picked with due diligence as it is going to be the very first thing that will be read by the client. Title should be a reflection of the subject matter contained in the proposal. It should interest the client and motivate him to read more about the proposal. Usually in project proposals, the title contains the name of project in capital letters but that isn’t the standard form. It can be altered according to one’s requirements. The logo or picture of the company proposing the project should also be displayed.

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Project Proposal Template

Next section is executive summary of the project proposal. It should outline the key facts and figures regarding the project but should not be mentioned in detail, as the title of this section is summary. Also the light should be shed on the reason behind taking up this project. Next comes the answers of the problem statement. This is the introduction of the proposal. It starts by answering the problem statement and by telling the reader about the relativity of the project at hand with the company’s expertise and competitiveness. This not only educates the client but also convinces him to fund the project. The next section answers the questions regarding what? What will be achieved through this project? Clear quantitative measures should be suggested at this stage. One of the most important points to be noted is that layout and format of proposal should be clear. There should be no typographical errors in the proposal. Format used should be professional and vivid. Illustrations and charts should be used to convey a clear image of the problem at hand. These little tips and tricks can make the proposal unique and impressive.

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