Project Sponsor Proposal Template

Any kind of business activity needs resources for its efficient operations; these can be financial, human, natural and technological resources. But the resource that is considered the most important one is financial resource. Lack of which can disrupt the normal operations of the company. So companies adopt various strategies to increase their sales and ultimately the profitability so that the lack of funds cannot disrupt their business activity. It is the lack of funds for any project that compels the company’s management to seek for sponsors. But sponsors are not readily available for the cause of any company. They have to be convinced that the sponsorship will result in their profitability as well and this task of convincing the potential sponsors can be done through writing a lucrative project sponsor proposal.

In project sponsor proposal, the first section is related to the project that needs to get funded from the sponsor. All the necessary details of the project that the writer wants to get funds for should be mentioned in this section. What will the project be all about and how it is related to the business of potential sponsor. After detailing the project and its implications, writer should enlist the names of individuals who are going to arrange this project and who have given the idea of carrying forward this project. Also if such kind of projects is initiated on regular basis then the motive and purpose behind this project should also be discussed. On what factors the success of this project is dependent on and what features it entails. Every necessary piece of information should be given in this section of the proposal. Once the details of projects are mentioned, it is time to talk about the target audience. For whom this project is going to be initiated, who will be targeted through this project? Target audience needs attention in this part because sponsor is interested in knowing how the target audience of the project links with his own target audience. So a proper link between the two needs to be developed in this section. What characteristics of your target audience are appealing for the sponsor? The answer to this question also needs to be given to develop a proper link.

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Project Sponsor Proposal Template

The marketing initiative that you will take, to promote this project and make sure that the targeted audience will be available, is also worth mentioning at this stage. Strong measures should be taken if the project demands so. But the exaggeration of this also can lead to failure of the proposal. After that the writer should tell something about the benefits that the sponsor shall reap through sponsoring this project. Qualitative as well as quantitative data should be given to impress the reader and develop your credibility in front of him. For example the customer base will increase by 10% or sales of your business will increase by 20% etc. the provision of such data will enhance the credibility of the writer and his company. The detailed analysis of what sponsor will get in return is something that is most important for the sponsor. This is how a win-win situation for both parties involved can be created. But a method should be carefully followed for successful venture.

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