Quality Control Plan Template

There are many ways to explain what a quality control or QC plan is but in simplest words, it’s the plan that makes sure company is producing the products according to the requirements of the customers. It is common that with a new company, customers get the highest quality products but as the time passes and production level increases, it is very difficult for the company to keep steady in the quality of the products and eliminate any kind of variations.

To make sure that doesn’t happen and customers always get the same high quality products as before, quality control plans are implemented in the manufacturing process.

Benefits of Quality Control Plan:

  • High quality:
    Quality control plan makes sure that the company is on track and producing the high quality products or offering the same high quality services as before. It is possible that with passage of time, companies lose their production quality as the production ratio increases and quality control plan ensures that the products are manufactured with highest quality possible.
  • Consumer Satisfaction:
    Without customers, a company is nothing and perhaps the consumers are the most important asset of a company. A company can’t force the customers to stay loyal if there is no quality checking in the production process. This way the quality control plan provides satisfaction to the customers.
  • Communication:
    This plan is a great source of communication between the customers and company manufacturing department. This way the company can eliminate complains or faults in the products that arose during the communication with the customers.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Quality Control Plan Template created using MS Word,


Here are the Steps to Create a Quality Control Plan:

  1. Define the Company and its Products:
    This is very important that before starting the process, you explain the company and the products that it manufactures. This is essential for the whole controlling process so that the supervisor understands what he is required to look for in the QC process.
  2. Explain Company’s Goals and Objectives regarding Quality:
    This step explains the goals and objectives of the company about the quality of products or services. Some companies don’t take customer satisfaction too serious but they only want to increase the profit even by decreasing the quality where most companies compromise on the profit but not on the quality of products.
  3. Enlist issues and Complains about the Quality of Products:
    This step includes all complains and criticism that the company is receiving from the customers regarding the quality of their products. This gives a clear guideline to the supervisor of quality control program that what the issues and problems are that he is required to look for and eliminate later.
  4. Explain the Criteria of Passing the Products in QC Process:
    This is possible that the finally manufactured products have some setbacks or faults but some of these faults aren’t that important as other features. So the supervisor needs to provide with a criteria of passing the products for final assembly even if there are some faults in them or the threshold level that indicates to stop the manufacturing process.

A download link is given along with quality control plan template and you can download this template quite free.

Download Quality Control Plan Template