Restaurant Menu Card Template

History indicates that first menu appeared after the mid of the eighteenth century. And it is not only the list of dishes according to their prices but reflects a restaurant’s mode and impression. A menu should not be written rapidly, as it comes into mind but think carefully and appropriately before putting the names of the dishes in it. Because it can be a significant tool used for marketing. It certainly works as a heart for any restaurant. It explains everything a restaurant can offer for eats and drink. Menus are different according to each restaurant’s style and theme. It is the menu that calls for customers and bring them back again and again. Menus are also a main reason behind the success of a restaurant. There are few things that should be kept in mind while designing a restaurant’s menu. And certainly few things that have to be avoided. Keep these things in mind before finalizing a restaurant’s menu for printing.

Categorize menu simply and in different sections according to available dishes. Make different section for drinks and food, further sections should offer the varieties particularly. Also add one or two sentences of description of dishes that should be understandable by clients and avoid using terms of cuisine and mentioning in front of menus which dishes are mostly customer’s choice and which are recommended by the chef. A section for special occasion menus also enlisted and dishes for kids should also mention separately and clearly. Professional photographs should be added and a restaurant must have to hire a graphic designer to help them in creating a menu in which there logo must be added in a decent way. Make sure that all of the restaurant staff and specially waiters will be well prepared to answer any of the queries regarding menu.

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Price and layout are the major things that needed attention while writing a menu for any restaurant. Quote exact range of price that will make your restaurant earn profit as well as to stay in the competition. On the menu, never describe exact amount of food or pieces served in a dish that will be helpful in adjusting portion control and food cost could be controlled accordingly.  For example, don’t mention ‘six chicken wings’ when describing a fried chicken combo instead simply saying ‘chicken wings’ will be sufficient. Because if five wings served in place of advertising menu, client certainly will notice it and will feel cheated in spite. One important thing is to avoid common disclaimers, for example, ‘family deals not available for couples’ or ‘lunch menu only available after 2pm’ although these all do fine. But do not mention them on menu at all. Font size of menu has to be simple and of 12 to 14. So, customer can read it easily, avoid cursive or bold text. Better option is to reprint menu every six months but if not, even then it is recommended not to laminate menu. So, when update or any replacement of menu needed, it will be easy to handle.

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