Food Restaurant Menu Template

What is the reason behind the increasing trend of restaurants? Why do we prefer to eat in a restaurant instead of our home many a times? The reasons are very plain and clear. This happens because we need a break! We need a break from our routine. We need to divert our minds from something else. Apart from this, we often gather in restaurant for all kinds of feasts, big or small, formal or casual. This we do to meet each other in a rather pleasant environment along with luscious food which helps to keep up our mood. Next, what do we look for the most when we visit a restaurant? Of course, the menu! Menu is the most important part of a restaurant, the importance of a nice environment retained.

The basic purpose of restaurants is to provide food. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that your restaurant provides scrumptious food to its customers. The menu is the first impression of the kind of food you offer. Hence, ensure that your menu is presented in a way that it waters the mouth of customers at a glance! It should be made using color schemes related to food. This will help impress the customers then and there. The colors should not be too dark or too light. Also, it should be neat and clean. Sometimes we forget to clean our menus once we get them laminated! Lamination does give a good look but it should be such that it doesn’t look like a student’s book covered with talc sheets! Plus, it is easier to clean sheets than paper, so keep your laminated menus free of dirt and spots.

Also, your menu should be written in a very understandable font. Do not use complex fonts so as to make it appear beautiful. It will annoy the customers instead of striking them with its ‘beauty’. Do not add much designs and colors where the dishes and prices are mentioned. That is the main part and it should be very lucid therefore. Furthermore, mention the prices in the same font style, color and size as the dishes and in the same line. The price of one dish should not be mentioned in front of another dish. Avoid confusions, avoid arguments. You don’t want to end up fighting with the customers over the bills. Use dark, discernible colors.

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Restaurant Menu Template

Categorize your menu very clearly, for example, Chinese, continental and Italian dishes should be very simply differentiated. The customers should be able to search their dishes without much effort or confusion. You can use separate colors for each category, for example. Also, mention weights or sizes along with the names and prices of dishes. Moreover, write the simplest form of names of all dishes. Not every customer will be able to understand the complex and unique names of foods available in the world.

Use a material which is pleasant to hold and read on, nothing too hard and nothing too soft. Keep in mind that the basic idea is to make things easiest for our customers. The more convenience we will provide to them, the more they will be impressed.

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