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No matter what some people say or thing, the majority of people think that eating is the most important part of our lives. Basically we have two types of people in our society; one that live for eating and the other who eat for living. It’s the routines we have that don’t allow us to enjoy all the aspects of life and that’s the reason some people don’t consider eating or the food as important part to think about. But there are still a lot of people that give much importance to the food they eat or the way they want it to be cooked. This is the main reason that a person likes a restaurant because he likes the way the food in cooked or served in that place. Other than the looks and taste of the food, many of us also consider the price of the food before we decide what to eat and where to eat. Unlike rich people, middle class families that don’t have a lot to waste, only go out once in a month to have a meal in a restaurant or fast food place.

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Restaurant Quote Template

To do so, they always think about the quality of the food they will have in there and the price that food will cost. This particular element doesn’t matter that much when we are going out with our family members but when it’s an official business meal, we know that we will be paying for the food and that means we have to consider the prices before we make the reservation in a restaurant. This way before we book a place for a business lunch or dinner, we conduct a little research about number of places and analyze which restaurant has the best food and still less prices. When we want to know these two factors, we ask for a restaurant quote which is actually the price list of that place. We visit number of restaurants and ask for their price quotes. Then we compare those quotes to see which restaurant is offering more delicious food but won’t cost you as much as others. This way we can choose more wisely and make it a very concise decision.

Here are the guidelines to create a restaurant quote:

  • Your restaurant should have a letterhead that you use for official communication. You should use that letterhead for this quotation.
  • Start by the name of the person in charge of this division followed by the name of the client or customer who asked for this quotation.
  • Then provide your terms and conditions and ask the customer to agree upon them if he wants any business with the hotel.
  • After that, enlist all the foods and services you provide in the restaurant along with their specialty and uniqueness.
  • For each food item and service, mention the charges so that the customer can compare it to others.
  • If you are giving some kind of special discount to the customer, mention that at the end of the quotation.
  • Approve it from the supervisor and ask him to sign the quotation along with the mentioning the validity period and then hand over the quote to the customer.

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