Router Table Plan Template

Here are some plans for Router Tables:

Bob’s free Router Table Plan:
This is a very famous router table plan by which you can easily do all kinds of carpenter jobs and here you can use more than 20 types of woods on the same table. It is very easy to operate this table as it doesn’t include small or complicated parts and even if you are not very experienced with the router tables, you can easily operate this table by spending a little time with it. If you want to see the difference in this router table and other common tables, there is an extra dust box hanged with the table that collects all the wood chips and dust and along with that box, table is also equipped with miter gauge slot and a bit holder.

Ana white’s Router Table Plan:
If you are a fan of simple and elegant router tables, there is nothing for you because this is not a common type of router table that only includes a table top, machine and a tool box but it has more than 8 drawers build in the table among which, a specific drawer is only for the bits. Here you can easily work with many types of woods and it can be easily adjusted for different measurements of wood panels and to fit them on the table.

Handy’s Router Table Plan:
Most of the time, people don’t have any free space on the floor where they can put the router table and they always look for a plan that not only is cheaper but also saves a lot of floor space. For those, here is the perfect router table plan that can be put on a table top in your work room or garage and you don’t need to move any items around to make room for the router table. It is also very light weight so that you can relocate it all the time and even if one of your friends wants to lend it, he can easily put it in the trunk of his car.

Ultimate Router Table Plan (for Creston wood):
For those who want to own a good looking router table that is cheaper in price, has more options for working with different kinds of woods and can fit easily in the garage space, here is the ultimate option for you. This table is made entirely with wooden panels that are very light weight but still enough strong to work with any kind of wood. You can fit this table anywhere around your home wherever you have 2×2 feet free floor space.

Wall mounted Router Table Plan:
If you are looking for a router table that can fit on a wall and as soon you complete your work, you can fold it right in the wall and then there is not an ugly looking work table mounted to your wall but just a piece of board that includes the entire board in it. There is a very unique idea behind this type of router table that when you fold it, it becomes a shelf or cabinet that you can put your things on the top.

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Router Table Plan Template

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