Salary Slip Templates

Here is our collection of Free Salary Slip Templates to help you create your own slip. People are employed every day in both public (government) and private sector. There are millions and billions of jobs from banking, labor, writers, teachers and what not. The employees of all the earlier stated and not stated fields are paid. The pays of employees usually on weekly basis, but in most cases all over the world, employees are paid monthly. It is the responsibility of the employer (either government or private businessman or company) to pay their employees on time and keep a check of the financial records. The second part of the above statement is however the responsibility of both the employer and the employee.

In this Salary Slip Template, you can notice that it provides ample space for mentioning critical salary particulars such as Provident Fund, Traveling Allowance, Loan Deductions(if any), HRA, E.S.I. and many more. You can also easily extend it by adding your own information as per your company’s employee policy. Since this salary template is created using MS Word so it is very easy to edit or customize it as per any situation possible. You just need to have MS Word installed on your PC before you can plan to start editing this slip template.

Free Salary Slip Templates

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Salary Slip Template

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Here is another Salary Slip Template created to help office assistants to quickly print out professional salary slips.

Salary Slip Template 1

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Here is a comprehensive Pay Slip Template created to help you effectively.

payslip template

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Here is another Pay Check Slip Template created using MS Word.


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Here is another Salary Slip Template.


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Salary slips are short but very important documents, since these are the record of the salary of any employee which holds the details of all the payments which are done to the employee. It also has the information of all the applicable taxes and charges to the employee and also all the paid allowances, basic pays and other bonuses. Pay slips need to be took care of and kept record of to keep a check of the pay history and make any corrections, if there happen to be any with the accounts department.

Salary Slip Templates Guidelines

Pay slips are designed by the accounts department people in any governmental institution, private company or any other business firm. Even the small businesses do have salary slips, either designed by them or paid to design from someone expert in this field. However anyone can design their own custom salary slips for their employees. We are giving a few important tips if you plan to design your very own salary slips of your company employees. Here are the few:

  • Make sure the pay slips are not very long. The size of salary slips should be small enough to make one tissue paper sized fold and kept in a shirt pocket.
  • The paper does not have to be very fine quality, since the employees are going to throw it away at the end of the year (some of them even throw after they get their salary). Now-a-days salary slips are also created and sent in electronic form i.e. computer software generated documents in some advanced companies, so that takes out the paper quality case.
  • Salary slip will be bearing the company name or name of the governmental institution where the employee is being currently employed.
  • If there happen to be any sub department, mention it following to the above detail.
  • Afterwards, leave spaces for employee particulars which will include name, designation and employee number in some cases.
  • Current time period of salary which is the month and the year will come after the employee details.
  • Now comes the most important part; the payment details. Usually two sections are made which comprise of employees take home payment and his/her deductions in form of funds and taxes etc. Mention all that are applicable in relative fields of this section of salary slip.
  • Finally the take home salary will be printed or written at the end of salary slip so leave two respective sections for amount in words and digits at the end.
  • Place for dates and signatures of authorities as well as employee should be left at the lower end of salary slips.