Sales Plan Template

It is not very difficult to understand what a sales plan is and what the purposes of developing a sales plan are. Every business and organization either it’s local or international, wants to increase its sales all the time and even if you think you have enough clients or accounts for your business, keep in mind that eventually you will need more clients in order to compete with your rivals in the market and to stand ahead of them.

Sales plan includes the existing sales techniques, strategies and plans on which your company is currently running and the strategies that you want to implement in future. Usually a sales plan is effective only for a short period of time as the market trends always change after a while and each company needs to develop new sales plan. With each new company opening and functioning in the market, all the existing companies need new sales plan because it is a fact that when a new company is started, it has something to offer to the clients which the existing companies aren’t providing to them.

Also it is really important that you always keep your sales team motivated and by reviewing their performances, you give them a solid ground to stand with some differences and new changes. It is quite obvious that after a while, your sales team will lose its charm in the market and they will need something new to work with. You can’t ask them to always give the same sales pitch all the time but it needs to be updated and interesting every time.

When we talk about different types of sales plans, there are only two of them; sales plan for a new company or new plan for an existing company. both are different because with a new company, you have to build the trust among your clients who are already bonded with existing companies where on the other hand, with an existing company, you need to keep the clients equipped with your company and not to give them any reason to listen to another company as you will not only lose the client but also motivation among your sales team.

Whether it’s a monthly Sales Plan or you want to make the plan for next whole year, it includes four basic parts:

  • Existing business growth tactics
  • New business acquisition tactics
  • Existing business growth strategies
  • New business acquisition tactics

Here is preview of a Free Sample Sales Plan Template created using MS Word,

Sales Plan Template

Things to understand before making the Sales Plan:

  • Sales Territory:
    It includes the specific location of the market and the customers or clients that you want to acquire by the sales plan.
  • Sales quota:
    It includes the critical elements for your sales plan either you want to make a monthly sales plan or an annually plan.
  • Sales tactics:
    It includes the list of tactics or tricks that you will use to compete with your competitors in the market.
  • Sales strategies:
    It includes the plans, strategies, goals and objectives that you need to define in order to make a sales plan.

Here is download link for above shown Sales Plan Template,

Download Sales Plan Template