7 Free Sales Receipt Templates

Download these 7 Free Sales Receipt Templates to print your own Sales Receipt. If you need to prepare other kind of receipts, then check my post Rent Receipt Templates and Cash Receipt Templates.

A receipt is a very important document to record a transaction in any sort of business. It is basically a form of invoice that people use as buyer and seller. However they have the same importance for both individuals. A Receipt critical to run a business smoothly. It helps to record all sort of financial transactions of business. Almost all businesses whether large scale or small scale organizations need to maintain records of their daily transactions. For example, in sales organizations, sales receipts refer to a record or log of all sales transactions by buyers.

You can also call sales receipt as sales invoice and contains some of important and particular information on it. Like any other sales invoice, this receipt contains organization name with complete address and phone numbers. It also includes organization logo, invoice or receipt number, transaction date and particulars about the customer. Other information includes customer ID number, complete address, contact information, same particulars about sellers, product description, per unit price of selling an item, total price, payment terms and signature of authorized person. All this information is necessary to deliver a sales receipt. If you want to make it as good and effective to maintain records of your transaction.

You can find all this information in a sales receipt and invoice in a particular pattern and format. Almost all types of receipts uses same formats, delivering all this information and particulars about transaction between buyer and seller. Most of receipts and invoices are in tabular form. However, tabular forms may vary according to selected format and pattern. Working with sales receipt is not such a hard task as you can do so easily. In some organizations, they still prepare sales receipts manually. But now most of organizations focus on creating sales receipts in a very systematic way, i.e. digital sales receipts. These are easier to develop, navigate and manipulate when transactions are being done.

Creating and managing sales receipts are total concern of individuals who sit on the front desks of organizations like cashier, accountants, clerks or these may be the individuals who are more involved in managing the financial activities of the organization. Whatever, sales receipts need to accomplish in most professional way as it must look good, complete in contents and professional like.  When you have to create digital sales receipt, you can take help from different mediums like electronic and digital software to create sales and other types of receipts.

Another way of creating professional like sales receipts is to make use of templates as these are ready to use format that can be very helpful for you to create sales receipts in a more professional way. These templates are created according to all requirements of users and they just have to change some of contents information regarding their organizational requirements. Some websites offer free templates that last more convenient for users and most of users tend to make use of these free templates to accomplish all of their professional like documents just as sales receipts.

Free Sales Receipt Templates

Here is preview of a Free Sample Sales Receipt Template using MS Word.

Sales Receipt Template

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Goods Delivery Sales Receipt Template (DOC Format)

Sales Receipt Template 02

Sales Receipt Template in PDF Format

Sales Receipt Template 03

Sales Receipt Template in DOC Format (MS Word)

Sales Receipt Template 04

It is a document that, describe date of purchase, time of purchase, total amount, and the store where you purchase certain commodities. It is also called invoice. Method of payment and other sales taxes are included in that types of receipts. It may be an electronic record or may be a document to record the transaction at the selling point.  You can say that, a “Sales Receipt” is a proof that a purchaser purchases specific goods from the store. When a person purchases from a certain stores he will collect that “Sales Receipt” weather it is in form of paper or electronic note form. When he receives that note he will see name of store, date of transaction, time and amount you often pay there are compulsory.

Generally companies use barcode reader for their payment method and the trend is very much increasing now a days. In many small firms the manual “Sales Receipt” system still exists and people write the details on registered. In barcode system selling priced is attached to the system and when you show product system calculate its price. Management is now aware how to retain and sale products? therefore, it is now very easy to get “Sales Receipt” from an organization. There are only two ways in which you can get “Sales Receipt” easily. The first step is at the time of transaction like when you are purchasing something. The other step is when purchaser make payment from debit card and credit card. Getting a receipt will create customer satisfaction and customers demand. “Sales Receipt” are usually important where customers return the specific item of the store or in case of any ambiguity.

Simple Sales Receipt Template in MS Word

Sales Receipt Template 05

Sales Receipt in MS Word (DOC)

Sales Receipt Template 06

Car Sales Receipt Template

Sales Receipt Template 07

While returning products your “Sales Receipt” should be along you so, it will ensures that this item is of specific store and seller will return it easily. While trend of manual “Sales Receipt” is now declining because, you have to maintain huge registers while you are entering information manually. Different organizations have different patterns but, information is mostly same in “Sales Receipt”. In many organizations like banks and in big companies sales receipts are hugely important. In large companies the “Sales Receipt” is of quite importance because, companies create their assets and liabilities while matching with “Sales Receipt”. Corruption can be removed easily and it is also the method to solve conflicts among people.

While you use ATM card there will a “Sales Receipt” along with payment that represents how much amount you have withdrawn from bank? If the pattern of invoice is not correct than it is not usable. There would be clear information about certain products. You will see a subtotal and then grand total at the bottom of receipt. The main purpose of this subtotal is that seller can deduct amount of any item that you replace at the point of sale. The remaining amount will be handover to the buyer if he pay extra amount. There are many benefits of this process because, it is the era of technology so, online system is playing very good role in modern world and the chances of frauds are also very less due to this system.