Weekly School Menu Template

School menus are quite different from the rest of the types of menus. They have different outlook, layout, design, different users and different purpose. Unlike other types of menus, school menus have to be followed by the kids no matter what their preferences and favorite foods are. They might turn up their nose while eating what has been in the school menu but still they have to follow the menu. The difference between school menu and other types of menus is that children cannot choose from a wide variety of food items available according to their desires whereas other menus provide diners with a wide variety to choose from without any restriction and limitation.  School menus are designed by the school administration keeping in view the children’s health and nutrition. School administration strictly follows the regulations provided by state and federal government to ensure that the food prepared is up to the standards. Many other tools are also available for planning school menus. These include nutritional calculator and guide books for planning menus and others.

School menus are divided into different sections depending upon the level of children.

  • Elementary school breakfast menu
  • Elementary school lunch menu
  • Middle school lunch menu
  • High school lunch menu

School menus are usually made by taking input from a chef, dietician and parents. This diversified opinion from different stakeholders is crucial for a workable school menu. School menus are designed such as to best fulfill the nutritional requirements of children who are growing. Because children are the assets of any nation so investing in their proper diet today will result in successful nation tomorrow. This is the major reason behind stringent actions taken by governments all over world. Proper guidelines and regulations are present in the legislation worldwide to be followed by the school owners. Those failing to achieve the appropriate diet plan for children can be sued for negligence. This in turn can lead to decisive action against the school administration. Either a heavy fine will be imposed on the school or in extreme circumstances closure of school can also be the outcome. Now schools are aware of the consequences of not following the government regulations. So instead of damaging their reputation, they take up this task seriously and take input from all the necessary sources to develop a full fledge school menu.

Here is preview of a Free Printable Weekly School Menu Template created using MS Word,

School Menu Template

Menu planning software and nutrient analysis software is available to make this task of planning easier. These software are available online free of cost and can be downloaded. But this task can also be outsourced to specialized firms. Every necessary detail can be given to them and they make a school menu. School menus can be revised every month or every week. Minimal changes can be brought in the menu according to the season and change in guidelines by the government. School should cut on the carbohydrate, sugar, fat and sodium and add in more healthy ingredients like fresh fruits, juices, dairy and whole grain. The intake of such food not only reduces the obesity problems but also decreases the risk of other medical problems closely associated with obesity.

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