School Plan Template

I tried to create a template for School Plan. Not being a usual topic, I have found very less information on internet available for free. Do let me know if you can find an other such template. This School Plan Template is created using blue theme and obviously need a lot of improvement before you can use it for a real business scenario. Please consider this an initial effort to at least give a starting point to someone interested to prepare a School Plan. This plan template is created using Microsoft Word to help newbie users to quickly grasp their grip and then started preparing it as per they demands and/or situation.

School Plan Template

Here is preview (first page only), but this Word Document contains 10 pages of template and format details.

Here is the link for this template to be downloaded in zip format. Mostly people ask why I upload template in ZIP format? Simple answer is to help you download faster and with as little as possible size.  Happy Downloading.

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Key Elements of a School Lesson Plan:

1.     Title of the plan:
First of all, each lesson in the school plan needs to have a title so that each plan can be differentiate. This way, the teacher doesn’t need to stay with the class throughout the academic session but with these titles; he can provide guidelines to another teacher to teach the class in his absence. It can be a name of the lesson or just a serial number depending on each school and teachers.

2.     Required time in order to complete the course:
This is the second element that is included in school lesson plans. The teacher or the administration of the school needs to provide a specific duration for each lesson in the plan. Usually a class is completed in an hour or 45 minutes and each lesson should be completed in that time. This time will also help the teachers to schedule their teaching method in order to use the time effectively.

3.     Required material list for each lesson:
This usually refers to the books, notes, thesis work and analytical articles that students will need in order to understand each lesson in the plan. It depends on each plan and lesson that what kind of preparation material it requires.

4.     Objectives of each lesson:
This usually includes the key reasons and the importance of each lesson in the school plan. This is a way to evaluate the needs to concentrate on a lesson and to dedicate more time to it. This way, with analyzing the objectives, the teachers and the professors can get help to prepare the lessons for each day and they can prepare their work while staying inside these objectives.

5.     Theory that students need to read:
This can be explained as the written or verbal work that the students will need to read for each lesson in the plan. It can be a specific book, some notes, a thesis work or anything related to education. Sometimes the teachers also include the details about where to find the books or written information i.e. library or a website.

6.     Experiments involved in the study:
If there is theory in the lesson planning, it is definite that there will be experiments too. An experiment is a practical way to perform all the information a student learns from reading the books or by listening to the lectures in the class room. Each plan includes the number of experiments in the educational session that the students need to perform in the laboratory.

7.     Summary for each lesson:
At the end of each lesson and the entire plan, there is a short summary or conclusion that indicates the main objectives of each lesson plan and the key points that the students learnt after each lesson.

8.     Test for students at the end:
Each plan also includes tests at the end which is the practical way to verify if the students are ready for their final exam or they need more work. A test can be causal that is held in the class room or it can be formal only conducted in the examination hall.