Free Printable Shipping Label Templates

Here are some useful Shipping Label Templates that can help you to create and print your shipping labels quickly. Shipping labels are vital if you are dealing with shipments or delivery of products at customer’s door. A standard shipping address label contains all key elements of any address to help deliverymen to deliver the package to its designated place. Usually, shipping labels are printed in bulk and required to be printed in multiple numbers per page to help speed up work and save papers as well. It is obviously time saving, if you  already have a collection of good looking shipping labels containing all of the standard information or at least prominent place to print such details.

Business is now done worldwide and a lot of people are involved in the field. Companies advertise their stuff internationally through various advertising mediums including television, Internet and other telecommunication sources. As a result of these advertisements people are attracted to these businesses and buy and sell stuff. Business is done either on Internet through websites and or through telephone. The companies or the businesses send the goods to the customers whether in the same country or out on the globe. Another major agent included in today’s business world is the shipping companies and the shipment procedure.

Shipments are referred to the receivers using a one page sized label commonly known by the name of Shipping Label. Large businesses and other companies design these sorts of labels for their products, which have to be shipped to their customers or clients. These labels are sort of addresses and other referral information about the product, the company and the buyer. These labels are pasted over the shipment box or the product packing, which is sent to the buyer. Shipping labels are designed by shipping companies too, also known by the name of courier companies, which are responsible for delivering the products overseas.

Here is preview and download link for first Shipping Label Template,

Shipping Label Template 1

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Here is another sample of Shipping Label Template along with a simple lined border around the shipping label contents,

Shipping Label Template 2

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If you are looking for a more creative looking shipping label then here is another template with gradient color filling. Here is preview and download link for this Shipping Label Template,

Shipping Label Template 3

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Here is another good looking Shipping Label Template with border and color filled in background. Here is its preview,

Shipping Label Template 4

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Shipping labels are designed by large companies or they get their customized shipping labels designed by paying some designer. Shipping label samples are also available in predesigned form which can be downloaded from internet and modified according to needs of a company. Anyone can design their own shipping label keeping in view a few necessary formalities of a standard shipping label, which can be used internationally. Here take a look at the following tips:

  • First of all the shipping label must be designed in English language i.e. all the details must be in English language so as to facilitate international processing at borders and ports.
  • Shipping labels are designed in black and white form. However in rare cases the company name and or logo is printed in colored form. Rest all the label is black and white text and other figures.
  • Shipping labels have small sections which include information about sender, receiver, product, the shipping company and other relevant details of product and shipping in respective sections.
  • The addresses of senders and receivers are to be mentioned in full, with all details and contact numbers.
  • To avoid theft and other vandalism risks, the technologies like bar codes are in use. So there must be a barcode placement on the shipping labels and properly coded with all necessary information so that it can’t be misused or stolen during the shipments.
  • If shipping label is designed for a courier service company, the label will have a fixed printed label design with company name and design format.
  • Dates of shipment and arrival should be mentioned on the shipping labels. This usually is the responsibility of courier companies which enter this information while the product is being shipped.

Shipping labels should be designed on durable paper, since the goods might face strong conditions while on their way to the receiver.