Sponsorship Proposal Templates

Here is our collection of 10 Free Sponsorship Proposal Templates to assist you quickly in preparing your own Proposal quickly.

A winning Sponsorship Proposal is always critical to earn right sponsor for your product or to get support in your education. A good sponsorship proposal is important for your future, because it is a perfect tool to explain your needs and importance of sponsorship for your future. You always need to write a compelling sponsorship proposal to achieve results. But without complete research about sponsor, it will be a hard job for you to write according to the mindset of your sponsor.

You have to write impressive statement free from any error to persuade potential sponsor. Our funding proposal templates can also help you in this regard. A comprehensive, but concise sponsorship proposal can help you to get desired results and following are some guidelines to help you in the writing process.

If you want to approach potential sponsor, you have to share your attributes and benefits of sponsorship. You have to explain what you are offering to a sponsor, and do you have ability to fulfill your promise. It will be good to research about your target sponsor, so that you can write accurately to persuade him/her to take decision in your favor. Also It is important to write valuable outcomes for sponsors like your fruitful contribution in sales, morale of staff or profitability. It will be good to understand everything in advance to explain in better way in the sponsorship proposal.

Important sections of Sponsorship Proposal

This section is also known as executive summary, and you have to focus on the benefits of sponsor in this section. Highlight important points with the help bullets so that the reader can easily understand the main idea of your sponsorship proposal. This section should explain what you do; who you are and what are the benefits of sponsorship for sponsor.

Marketing Objectives

It is important to outline marketing objectives for sponsor to influence him to take decision in your favor. For instance, you can write your ability to meet sales goals, or increase in gross sales up to 5 to 10 percent. Show him/her that your benefit is directly linked with the benefits of sponsor.

Measures of Success

Quantitative and qualitative metrics should be used to measure the success of sponsorship program. For instance, you can give monthly analysis of sales figure and correlate this figure with objectives.

Value to the Sponsor

It is one of the most important sections of the sponsor proposal to detail the value of sponsorship to sponsor. Provide fruitful information to sponsor in the light of your skills and attributes. Measure profitability ratio of the company and relate it to your sponsorship program. Emphasize on the benefits of your proposal related to the sponsor organization.

Common Mistakes in Sponsorship Proposal

  • Sponsors are usually bombarded with lots of sponsorship applications; therefore it is important to write unique contents in the sponsorship proposal to keep reader engaged. Do not include excessive details, because to-the-point and comprehensive proposals can get better response.
  • Focus on the requirements of potential sponsor, instead of writing a sponsorship proposal according to a standard format. Properly explain your goals and objectives in order to get positive response from sponsor.
  • Include accurate details to get positive results of your proposal, because without right contact information, it will be difficult for potential sponsor to contact you for further details.

Here is our collection of Free Sponsorship Proposal Templates to assist you in creating your own proposal.


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sponsorship proposal template 3

Yet another free Sponsorship Proposal Template created using MS Word.

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Following is screen shot of another free Sponsorship Proposal Template created using MS Word.

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