Software Requirement Specifications Document (SRS)

Software applications are widely in use in all over the world today. These applications are being applied in the fields of education, science, engineering, medicine, energy and everywhere else. Hundreds and thousands of software applications are developed everyday which include application program for management, simulations, calculations, modeling, designing, multimedia processing and computer games. Every computer software application written for use on client computers has to have some limitations or requirements of computer resources which are to be fulfilled for proper or smooth working of that software application. These are commonly known as requirement specifications. These specifications either come with the installation disk of that software product or are available on the internet website of the software application company.

Here is a SRS Document based upon Object Oriented Analysis & Design principles. Requirements are documented by the help of object oriented methods such as Use Case diagrams and Object Relations. A Sample database project is selected to perform necessary analysis to write this SRS document. This SRS Format can easily be used to write Requirements Specifications for any kind of project. Here are main sections of this SRS Document,

  • Goals & Objectives
  • Statement of Scope
  • Major Constraints
  • Usage Scenarios (Use Cases)
  • Data Model and Description
  • System Behavior
  • Glossary
Specific projects may require addition of more sections, so it is perfectly normal to add more and more sections to this document to make it complete and accurate.
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