Student Learning Log Template

A student learning log is a documented proof of a student’s learning and development process. Many educational institutes like schools, colleges, and research firms use this kind of log for their students to access their capabilities and the effects of a particular educational system on a particular student. Although it’s not an essential element of every student’s routine or implemented by the school or college, some students use this log or learning journal by themselves to enhance their learning skills and develop more rapidly. This is the best way to record the feelings of an individual about a particular learning skill or study method. This way the teacher or the in charge can be precise about the upcoming results of implementing a new learning process without waiting for the actual results.

Student Learning Log Guidelines

Some students are required to keep a weekly log in which they put important information about the last week whereas others are asked to keep a log that needs to be updated on a regular or daily basis. This way when the student comes home after school, he is supposed to put the details of his day in the log which includes different classes, experiments, and new techniques, the skills he learned today, mistakes he made in the class, results of the tests conducted by different teachers and special comments if any. This way when the teacher or head of the department checks the student log, he can easily see if there is anything wrong or bothering that student in the class. It can be either students related or a teacher-related problem but the beauty of this process is that this way the student doesn’t have to talk to the authority or management in person and he can tell them about anything that is bothering him in the school.

Here is a preview of a sample Student Learning Log Template that I have created using MS Word,

Student Learning Log Template

Here is the download link for above shown Student Learning Log Template,

download word template

Students are also required to put their feelings or emotions in the learning log along with other important stuff. For example, if a teacher has introduced a new method of testing, he can ask students to put their thoughts about it in their log books which when he reviews later, tell him about the effectiveness of that method and the expected results in the long run. This way a student also expresses his feelings of shyness or anger towards a student or teacher and also if he is feeling insecure about someone else, he can ask them to behave well or change their attitude around him. There are many websites that offer to create a student log free of cost but you can also do it by yourself at home. You just have to get a paper and put the essential elements of a learning log on it such as; what you have done, your thoughts about it, your feelings, whether it went well or bad, what changes you will make if you do the same in the future, etc.

General uses of a student learning log in our daily lives:

  • It improves the learning process of individuals and home students.
  • It helps the teacher or in charge to access the capabilities of his students.
  • It helps both the student and teacher to analyze what they have learned and what needs to be explained one more time.
  • It helps the students to analyze themselves and to learn more effectively by knowing about their own skills and capabilities.
  • It tells the students about what they need to concentrate on and what they can easily pass so in a way it organizes their work and learning process.