Student Report Template

Schools are very concerned about the performances of students studying under their administration. Parents are always busy and sometimes can’t pay attention to the activities of the kids and hence are interested in knowing about the performance of their offspring in academic and other education related activities. To keep a check of the student’s performance over a specified time period, school administrations write student reports on annually or bi-annually. These reports are mostly prepared by the teachers who are teaching a student about the performance of a student in their respective class, also by the teachers of sports, extra activities about the performance of student in their relative categories. This helps a lot in assessing the performance of a student and also helps to make effective decisions for future plans for a student with in his or her best interests.

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Student Report Template

Writing a report card for student or student report is an essential part of teaching career these days. It is a simple but to perform with care type of job, since your report will be depicting what you observe in a student’s performance. Extreme care should be taken while creating this document.

First of all make up your mind about the student. It does not mean to judge him or her on a picture you have in your mind, in fact it means to preview the performance over the last time and calculate the improvement and consider the plus and minuses of the student. Once you will have a preview of the actions both academically and also behaviorally it will become easy to write your concern. Sometimes a student is too fade and you do not really remember may be due to large number of students in a class, it is a good idea to check your academic records, like test results, assignments marks and other points to get to know your student.

An important factor of student report writing is writing it easy. You never know if the parents are bold enough to understand what complex point you are raising. So keep it in the simplest possible form, to make it clear and easy for the audience (which is parents in this case). To support your statements include examples from the past about the student to make your concern clearer for the parents about your student.

Your statements should be showing a sense of evaluation from your end, rather than just depicting student’s effort towards an achievement or failure. Write about the resulting tasks which a student has performed over the time.

Try not to write technical terms which are beyond understanding of parents and lay men. As mentioned earlier, try to keep it as simple as possible, so use simple terminology.

Do not mention long details about the study material or topics and learning activities. It will just make the report long and uninteresting for the parents. Instead try to give an overview of the performance with important points chalked out.

Try to focus on key points about the student performance, either it has improved or gone low. In either case, also suggest your idea about improving it from parent’s end, since there is always room for improvement.

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