Memorandum Templates


In today’s fast-paced business global, effective communique is critical for the smooth functioning of any corporation. One of the important thing gear used in commercial enterprise communique is memorandum templates, typically referred to as a memo. Memorandums are extensively used to bring crucial facts, commands, or bulletins within an agency or among distinct departments. To … Read more

Achievement Certificate Templates

Achievement Certificate Template 02

You can grab these 16 Free Achievement Certificate Templates prepared in MS Word to help you easily design and create your own Achievement Certificate Design. People are working every day in their respective fields of life, giving their best and trying to accomplish their goals through hard work and effort. Research revealed that workers or … Read more

Organogram Templates

Organogram Template

You may have heard about Organogram, if not you will definitely have an understanding of organizational structure.  Every organization has formal and informal organizational structures. These are hierarchical structure, line-staff structure, functional or departmental structure, and matrix structure as well. Organizations prepare organograms to present a formal structure. Organogram is also known as organizational charts, … Read more

Address Book Templates

Download these 20+ Free Address Book Templates to help you prepare your own Address Book in MS Word. An address book is a simple small book containing a list of contacts and numbers. This is also called the name and address book NAB. Entries for each contact in the address book are written with necessary details … Read more

Executive Summary Templates

Download these 29 Free Executive Summary Templates to help you prepare your own Executive Summary. An Executive Summary is typically referred to as a summarized document that represents facts and figures. Usually, it is derived from another extended official report. Executives and Managers don’t have enough time to read a long and exhaustive report. Hence there … Read more

Privacy Policy Template

privacy policy template

Formulating an effective policy is extremely important whether you are running any type of business including a home-based, a large size organization, a government agency and any NGO. Policies are made to achieve desired outcomes and they vary in rules and laws according to the size and volume of the organization. In fact targets and … Read more

Bill of Sale Template

A Bill of sale is an important document that is widely used in trade and made by the seller to the purchaser. This is a legal document and can also be named receipt, invoice, etc. The main purpose of having this document is to keep a record of transactions made between buyer and seller on … Read more

Press Release Templates

Press Release Template

Here is a professional Press Release Template that can help anyone in creating an official press release quickly and effectively. It is the right of every consumer to receive up-to-date information regarding the products or brands he purchased or is interested to purchase in near future. To fulfill this requirement, every business practice press releases … Read more

Cash Slip Templates

Cash Slip Template

Here is a good-looking Cash Slip Template that can be used to create professional-looking Cash Request or Receipt Slips for any professional organization. Every business deals with cash payments or receipts on day to day basis. To record such transactions, it is vital to have some paperwork especially that requires cash payment or receipt. Here … Read more

Meeting Minutes Templates

Meeting Minutes Template

Here I came again with a related template to Meeting Agenda Template. This is the Meeting Minutes Template that can be used to track and record any official meeting activities. Preparing minutes of the meeting is a very critical step in official meetings where each and every issue being discussed is critical and has a … Read more

Purchase Order Template

Purchase Order Template

Here is a good-looking Purchase Order Template created using Microsoft Word so that even a newbie MS Office user can easily use this template and create professional purchase orders (POs). Purchasing goods is a critical procedure for every kind of business and requires careful planning as well as tracking to ensure a transparent purchase process. … Read more

Job Description Templates

Several people asked me about this Job Description Template. Hundreds of people daily apply for different kinds of jobs as per their caliber. They are seeking jobs to best utilize their skills and to have professional experience. Some of these are trying to get jobs just as time passes while some are motivated to work … Read more